My name is Ginger.  I am a set designer/props master for 
our local High School/Middle School productions, 
several community theatre organizations and have 
participated in regional competitions.
Some of what I do is:  miniatures, art journals, puppetry, 
jewelry making, watercolor art, Bible journaling, and 
creating from recycled or found objects.  I hope to include
tutorials, challenges, give aways, items for sale, and 
freebies as time goes on.  So far I am just hopeful I can 
create a blog!  (Technology is not my strong suit.)
Please enjoy your time here, be kind to those you meet, 
and share what you make with the rest of us!  We are lovely
people who are here to encourage and support you in your 
artistic endeavors!
Serbets and Smooches,