Daily Art Challenge: April 20

Today’s daily challenge is to use watercolors in your art work.

This could be for a card, an art journal page, or a watercolor painting.  You can make backgrounds, embellishments, ATC’s, jewelry, multi-media stuff, and countless other things with watercolors.  Have some fun, play around with them if you’re not that familiar with the medium.  Enjoy the experience of creating, rather than just focusing on the end results.

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Laurie and David

are losing a beloved pet today at 3 p.m.  After three days of intense treatment at the pet hospital/vet clinic, there is no improvement.  The humane thing is to let Seuss go.

These are two of my most favorite people on earth, and my heart is breaking for them both.  If you could spare a prayer for my dear friends, it would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

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Daily Art Challenge: April 19

In light of the passing of former First Lady Barbara Bush, our challenge for today is to make an art piece or journal page about our favorite First Lady of the United States.

This art piece could be about the Lady’s career,  fashion choices, charitable works, decorating style, parenting-however you want to include your favorite First Lady in your art piece is fine for this challenge.

Enjoy the process.  Have some fun.  Use supplies you don’t normally choose.  Make these challenges something you look forward to every day.

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Daily Art Challenge: April 18

Today’s challenge is to use fibers in our art work.  As always, there are lots of ways to incorporate this into your art practice.  Here are a couple ideas:

  1. I use fibers to stitch my signatures into my art journal covers.  It’s what I use for the bindings.
  2. Paint and ink stained wipes are also fibers.  You can make all sorts of cool things with this recycled art material.  I make flowers, book covers, ribbon, embellishments, journals-both the covers and the signatures can be made with recycled wipes.
  3. Cut up sweaters work for both string-type fibers and also as pieces sewn onto a page or tag.  Cut circles from a white sweater and make a snowman.  Use green for holiday trees, all different colors in oval shapes for balloons…
  4. Cover your journal with fabric scraps for a scrap quilt look
  5. Doodle an image on your paper/page.  Make it simple with clearly seen lines.  Cut up twine and glue to the lines of the image.  Now you’ve created a dimensional image in your art.
  6. Add an image to a piece of cardboard, glue twine over it and now you have a stamp.

These are just a couple ideas.  Give it some thought and I’m sure you’ll be able to come up with many, many more.

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Marathon, Continued: 4/16

As I mentioned, I’m doing marathon work sessions to Use It Up and Get It Out!  I am hoping to use up as many of my supplies and materials as possible before we get serious about moving to Arizona.  The less in my work room, the less I need to pack!

Today’s marathon projects have been making paper bag journal pages-which I glue to the paper bags.  I made 17 sets (6 pages per set) of these.  I’ve cut up several scraps into 1″ by 1″ squares.  I’ll be making embellishments with those.  I began more paint and ink stained wipes journals.

So far this weekend I’ve used up two ziplocks filled with scraps of paper, I’ve cut up several watercolor paintings and cards I’m tired of and made them into pages for journals, I finished several coloring pages, finished several miniature projects and cleaned up my work area.

Several times.

After each project was finished.

For 15 minutes.  (I’m telling you this is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.  By clearing all the clutter and mess away before I call it quits for the night-I come down to a fresh, new start every morning.  There is no feeling of “Oh, yuck!  What a mess and I am not in the mood…”  My work days begin with “Hey!  I am so glad I cleaned up last night!  I can jump right in!”  Seriously-give this a try.  You’ll never be sorry you did.)

I think my next project, once I have my work space cleaned, will be a Wonky Wizards House.  And maybe a couple art journals.

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Daily Art Challenge: April 17

Since I’ve been working in the land of fantasy lately, with the Harry Potter Inspired show coming up in June, I thought I’d continue in that vein.

One thing that always screams “fantasy” to me is iridescence.  In an ocean painting, a bit of iridescent shimmer on the fish, weeds and rocks transports me to “Little Mermaid” land.  Add a touch to trees in a forest and you’re in the land of the Elves.  Include a bit coming from the beakers in a classroom and you’re suddenly mixing potions rather than in chemistry class.

There are countless ways to add a bit of iridescent shimmer to your work.  If you don’t have any, add crushed eye shadow to a thinned down clear drying glue-paint over project.  Here are a couple posts with DIY shimmer options.  (Iridescent and shimmer are the same thing for this challenge.)

I have a tube of Liquitex Basics Iridescent Medium (6.78 fluid ounces or 200 ml. ) which I found on sale-I think at Walmart-for 3.99.  It’s probably still 3/4th full-and we all know how much I love sparkle.  So a small amount of this stuff will last you quite a while.

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Daily Art Challenge: April 16

Today’s daily art challenge prompt is to use wood in your art piece.  There are several ways to do this:

  1. You can use thin wood cut-outs like stars, hearts, ovals and circles.  I have several bags of these shapes which I use for embellishments of all kinds.
  2. I’ve added pictures, letters, textures, fabric, gems and ribbon to the wooden pieces.
  3. I used the decorated pieces for buttons, titles, borders, flower centers, wonky houses, chimneys and fireplaces, window boxes and steps leading to a textured door…
  4. Pierce a hole in each piece and string it on twine for a banner or interesting title or word on a page.
  5. Decorate and use as pendants, brooches, charms, earrings and bangles.
  6. Use the 1″ squares and the 1″ rounds as inchies and rinchies (round inchies).
  7. Stack and use as door pulls on homemade storage units.
  8. Add different sizes and shapes to a canvas, layering for added depth, and paint each piece a different color.  You have a really unique modern art piece with very little effort.
  9. Use to make miniature tables, chairs, pictures, frames, etc.
  10. String several decorated pieces together to make a light pull or with many more-a room screen.
  11. Add a thick layer of white glue to your art journal page.  Use paint and go over top of the thick glue layer, careful not to mix the paint and only going in an up and down direction.  Once the wet glue is covered with the paint, blow it dry or let dry naturally.  The glue will crackle and pull apart, which creates a really lovely wood texture effect.
  12. Use paint, markers, colored pencils, pastels-any medium you choose-and make a tree, a door, a barn, a park bench-something made from wood.  Add layers and texture for realistic images.
  13. Use wood skewers to make paper bead rollers and roll, roll, roll.
  14. Use texture paste through a stencil to give you a wood grain look on an art piece.
  15. sand down and repaint a worn piece of wooden furniture.

There are countless projects you can make with wood.  I just gave you a couple ideas.  If you actually are a woodworker-you are better able to decide what sort of project you want to make.  I am not a wood worker, therefore my projects are more art journal and multi-media pieces rather than actual construction.

Enjoy your options, whether you use actual wood or simply make your art piece look like it has a wooden element within it.  Any and all wood inspired art work is acceptable.  Have fun, relax and enjoy the process.

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