Welcome to Purple Whimsie, a place where creativity and uniqueness is celebrated.  Where using what you have available is encouraged, creating art from recycled items is embraced and where the joy of making things yourself is what it’s all about.

Here you will find a loving, kind, encouraging place to share ideas and projects.  Receive enthusiastic encouragement, inspiration, information, tutorials, recipes and instructions for make-your-own-art-supplies, and who knows what else.  I will be adding a store with my work available for purchase at a later date.

We also have challenges to keep us motivated and keep those creative juices flowing.  Our first challenge for 2016 was to use up our stash of supplies and materials.  Our challenge for 2017 was to incorporate The Secret into our lives.  We made inspiration boards, wishing trees and affirmation tiles to hang on them.  2018 has three challenges.  They are:

  1.  The Daily Art Challenge.  This is using prompts for inspiration and making something each day of the 2018 year.  Having a daily art practice is challenging but so very helpful in stretching our creativity, getting us out of any rut we may be stuck in, and is such a confidence builder!  It will break you down and rebuild you into an artist you may not even recognize by years end.  It’s a little bit scary to know that awaits us at the end of the year.  But the benefits of a daily art practice are so huge, it’s well worth the effort.
  2. The Weekly Challenge:  Techniques.  I give a technique to try each Sunday of the year, and we incorporate that technique into our art practice at some point during the week.
  3. The Monthly Challenge:  Words.  The first of the month we are given a word to focus on for that month.  It could be a motivational word, a word that describes a positive character trait, or perhaps a word we want to study.  Some may choose to make an art journal which will hold the challenge words and what those words mean in their lives.

We have not stopped either the use your stash challenge or the Secret challenge.  We are just adding to them with the three challenges for 2018.  My hope is you feel inspired to join us in this art journey.  Pick one of the challenges and join the fun.

Please grab a cup of coffee and have a look around.  There are many DIY tutorials, frugal tips and suggestions, art materials explanations and reviews, Get To Know Your Supplies series, along with inexpensive gift ideas, and more.  I’ll be starting a new series called “The Look for Less” shortly.  I hope you find inspiration and encouragement while you’re here.  Feel free to ask questions or offer kindly worded suggestions.  I’m so excited you dropped in!





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