Welcome to Purple Whimsie, a place where creativity and uniqueness is celebrated.  Where using what you have available is encouraged, creating art from recycled items is embraced and where the joy of making things yourself is what it’s all about.

Here you will find a loving, kind, encouraging place to share ideas and projects.  Receive enthusiastic encouragement, inspiration, information, tutorials, recipes and instructions for make-your-own-art-supplies, and who knows what else.  There is also a place to purchase my own creations, should you wish to do that.

We will also have challenges to keep us motivated and keep those creative juices flowing.  Our first challenge is this:

Use up our stash of stuff.

We are purchasing nothing for the remainder of the year, except things like adhesives.  We are set to use up what we have, make things from recycled materials we find around the house and we are going to clear out our individual stashes of stuff.

We are posting what we’ve made to provide a written list for our own sake.  By the end of the year we should have a substantial amount of stuff created, and much more room in our studios/work rooms/craft rooms/closets/kitchens-wherever we create.

Won’t you join us in this fun and creativity-inspiring challenge?  Let’s get busy!



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