Today’s Daily Art

continues from yesterday.  I am working diligently on things for the Art Market.  I am currently waiting for papers to dry, so I’m making pockets, envelopes, tuck spots, embellishments and anything else I think might be nice in the art journals.  I will give you a tour of the journals when I’m finished with them.

The watercolor paintings need to be matted and put into bags.  The jewelry needs some way to display it all, the watercolor cards need a basket for easy access.  The paint palette will not have the word tiles I intended because Laurie and I found a cool, 3-D phrase in a frame which will add another element of dimension to the piece.

The paint brushes have not been altered yet, but that’s alright.  I know what I want to do with them too.  I’ll share those when finished as well.  The acrylic paintings need their final coat of varnish, then dry time.  They won’t take long to do.  I will need a way to display them, and will ask Scott what he thinks would work.

Laurie and I decided we won’t be going to this week’s Art Market, but next weeks.  This gives me longer to get the things together and plan the displays.


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Today’s Art

I have been refilling the art journals with the crappy paper with different signatures.  I have been finishing my boho beads.

While my coffee stained papers are drying, I filled a tote with vintage book pages, music, foreign language book pages, etc.  I use these all the time in art journaling, but they were scattered all over my work room.  Some on the book shelves, some in storage totes, some in the cupboard, some in my roll out storage carts-good grief, I spent ages finding what I needed.  So I removed the pages from the books and put them all together into a 12″ x 12″ scrapbook paper tote.  This will sit right here by my work desk for ease of use.

Laurie and I went through my stuff today, and we decided I had plenty to bring to the Art Market on Sunday.  I have a few things I’d like to finish, of course, but there are many, many things already completed and ready to sell.  Hopefully we’ll be able to get in-because we are not season table holders it’s first come, first serve for us…

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Amity Bloom

is a you tuber I found this morning.

Amity Bloom

While I was working on things I listened/watched as she went through her Bohemian Journal Collection.  This talented woman does some of the most stunning mixed media journaling I have ever seen.  Absolutely breathtaking.  And she incorporated things I have not tried yet, which inspired me to veer off on a brief, but productive, tangent.

If you are at all interested in art journaling using textiles and fabrics, please check her out.  Truly gorgeous stuff.

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New Stamps and An Idea

Almost all the stamps I have were given to me or I picked then up at a second-hand store or garage sale somewhere.  The few new stamps I bought were wood mounted or the ones in clear plastic from Dollar Tree.  My point is I’ve never purchased stamps in a package before.

The 12 sets of stamps I ordered from Amazon came in packaging.  The cardboard is white on one side with directions for use on the other.  Maybe all stamps come this way but, again, I have no idea.  I had difficulty making out what the stamps, particularly the sentiment stamps, looked like.

I used the packaging to stamp the images and slipped them back into a larger bag, since the packaging has a hang tab, I can hang then from my pegboard and easily see every image in the set.

I’m sure stampers always do this, but for anyone new to the stamp game this is a good idea.  And since I’m new to the stamp game, I thought I’d share the tip.


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Nine Hours Of Sleep and A Vat of Coffee

later and I am ready to face the day.  I have a solution for the art journal debacle from yesterday:  remove all the signatures from the covers and replace them with paper that actually works.  The covers were all made in my usual way with cereal box chipboard, gloopy glue and layers of paper, then aged.

Once I have the new signatures made and in, these art journals will be every bit as sturdy as all my others.  And I’ve set myself a challenge:  one hour to make all the signatures for the books.  Since yesterday was such a frustration and ultimately ended with everything being unusable, I see no reason to spend more time being fussy.  Just do it and get it done!

I will share the finished journals later today.

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I’ve Worked for Nearly 24 Hours

straight and have accomplished absolutely nothing.

No.  Seriously.


Because I have many projects going at once, not all are completed.  I have several art journals to sell, but none of them are thrilling me.  I made three identical art journals in different colors.  I realized I didn’t add any embellishment to any of them.  They just had the pages and pocket pages.  So I grabbed one and began my usual stuff.  I made tags and pockets and all kinds of futzy detail stuff.  Then I began working on the actual pages of the journal, using the same colors and papers I began with.

Immediately I realized something was wrong.  The paper was not behaving the way it normally does.  Any wet media was a nightmare to use.  I had the paper pull off where I touched the edge to see if it was dry…  I think my mind just refused to believe this journal was behaving this way.  None of my art journals are fragile at all.  They are made to accept anything and everything a person could throw at it…

I continued to struggle with this journal all day long.  Actually until about an hour ago when I threw it over there and cleaned up my work table.  After I had my work area fairly pulled together and I was a bit calmer, I looked in my notes.  (I keep a notebook I use to write down projects and details of them, any special materials or supplies used, thing like that…)

These three journals are filled with paper from a local dollar store.  The paper pads were the larger size so I just folded the papers in half.  It was a brand I have never used before.  Since I didn’t do any wet media in the journals at the time I made them, there is no indication the paper is fragile.

I tried all my usual tricks to make the paper work.  Nothing helped.  It disintegrated the second a drop of liquid touched it.  I mean that literally.  You could watch the wet drop of paint vanish through to the paper beneath as a hole appeared.  The stuff turned to smush before my eyes.

I don’t use sketch paper in my art journals so I doubt that’s what this paper was labeled as.  These three journals were one of the very few times I didn’t use recycled paper for the pages.  I have never had any recycled paper behave like this junk either.

I have learned my lesson-only recycled papers or 140 lb. watercolor paper.  A wasted day, wasted supplies and complete frustration.

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Creativity Overload!

As you may have noticed, I have been busy creating stuff.  So busy, in fact, there have been several nights when I simply don’t go to bed.  I work all night (like tonight), grab some coffee in the morning and keep going.

Laurie and I decided we’re going to be bringing things to the Art Market this Sunday.  I have been trying to figure out what to bring to sell…You would think with all the stuff I’m making there would be an abundance of things to choose from.  If there are, I’m not seeing them…

There are some boho beads, some jewelry, some paintings, some art journals, some watercolor cards, the Hogwarts castle, the palette art (still waiting on the art tiles), and scads of watercolor paintings-without mats.

It occurs to me, I’ve been making stuff with which to make other stuff.  I haven’t been making that many fully completed projects.

This, my friends, is going to be a very busy week for me indeed.

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