Daily Art Challenge: July 14

Our challenge for today is to use our finished adult coloring pages.  If you enjoy coloring but don’t know what to do with your finished pages, here are a few ideas:

  1.  I’ve mentioned several times I use my pages in my art journals.  I cut out individual images to use as a focal point on a page.
  2. I collage my colored pages to chipboard or card stock and cut out images for embellishments.
  3. I collage them onto deli paper, cut into strips and use as washi tape.  I add double sided tape to the backside before attaching to a project.
  4. Once you’ve collaged the page onto card stock or chipboard, you can use a paper punch or your scissors and cut into larger circles.  Glaze with diamond glaze, triple thick gloss glaze, glossy accents, or any other hard drying varnish.  Then poke a hole in the top part of the circle to make really unique holiday ornaments.
  5. Cut into small teardrop, diamond or round shapes.  Add your favorite varnish-I like the triple thick stuff from Hobby Lobby.  Poke small hole at top and now you have earrings or pendants.  Make the shapes small squares and you have charms.
  6. Use child friendly images, and using the same collage to card stock technique, combine and hang from a plastic coat hanger above a crib for a quick and easy mobile.

Obviously there are many ways you can use finished coloring pages in your art.  Use your imagination and have fun!


Daily Art Challenge: July 10

Our project for today is to make fabric embellishments for art journals.  Here’s how:

  1.  I begin with my scrap fabric container.  I grab two pieces, similar in size.
  2. Cut a piece of chipboard into the size tag you want.
  3. Sandwhich the chipboard between the two pieces of fabric.
  4. Stitch around the chipboard.
  5. You’ll have excess fabric all around your chipboard.  I use a pinking shears to cut the fabric into a decorative edge, but that’s not necessary.  You can just trim the excess neatly with regular shears too.
  6. Now you have an embellishment you can stamp with images or words, add flatbacked gems, add 3-D things like flowers, metal, beads, broken jewelry…

You can use the fabric tags as a mat for photos or journaling.  Combine several for a mini-journal, use as ATC’s or inspiration tiles.  Use as seating cards for parties.

You can make these in holiday fabrics or colors and make ornaments or a garland.  I made two sets of these, one says Merry Christmas the other Thanksgiving.  Each tag is one letter of the word.  I decorated each with vintage images from that holiday.  I used two eyelets at the end of each tag, threaded them onto twine, and they hang from my shelf in my dining room.  Charming!  This would work for your Christmas tree garland too.

You can make these in different shapes and sizes.  They lay flat, can be stored easily in ziplock bags in a small plastic tote.  This project uses up all sorts of tiny fabric scraps, if you’re feeling overrun with them.  You can make them in larger sizes and use as a pennant with the letters of your kids name on each one.

This is a very cost-effective project that uses up lots of scraps and cereal box chipboard.  The end result is fun, fast and frugal!  How much better can it get?

A Working Vacation

This week our family is at the lake for the week.  My husband and I were there Saturday until Sunday night, and came back home.  We have two dogs.  One is struggling right now and we don’t feel comfortable with unfamiliar people caring for him.  Yoshi is a special needs dog anyway, and now with his current issues he’s just to fragile.  So we returned home, as our youngest son was heading up.

Unfortunately for me, I left my medication on the counter here at home and didn’t sleep a wink Saturday night.  So we were thrilled to be home in our own bed last night.

Our plan for this week is to finish both bathrooms and empty our house of all excess crap.  Today was spent buying the rest of what we need to finish the bathrooms.

Let me tell you, tile for two bathrooms is pretty pricey.  We choose  large white subway tile for the main bathroom, 4.5 by 12 3/4”, with accent tile as a 8 inch strip all around.  The accent tile is the same in both bathrooms.  It’s glass, slate and stone combined.  In earth colors.  The master bath shower has a center medallion, made with the square foot of accent tiles, with a bronze center square and bronze rope tiles around it, then a strip of the accent tile running all around this shower as well.

Both rooms will have new fixtures, painted cupboards, new hardware, new countertops and new floors.  The walls will have wainscoting in both, but each room will be painted in a different color.  So each bathroom is similar but still distinctive.

Then it’s on to the big decluttering/removing of everything we don’t need or want.  If it’s broken it’s out of here.  If it’s ancient, it’s out of here.  If it’s anything left here from my other kids moving out-it’s out of here.  If it’s something I don’t want to move-out of here.  My hope is to get rid of three quarters of the stuff we currently have crammed in here.  Once that’s taken care of we can evaluate our home, make the appropriate repairs, improvements and updates.

Then-it goes on the market!

We’re getting closer to Arizona with each finished project!  And this week should see the end to several big ones!

Daily Art Challenge: July 9

Our challenge for today is to make your own face stamp using twine.  Here’s how:

  1.  Get a sturdy piece of chipboard, foam core or plastic.  Cut into the size you want, about 3” by 3” is the size I used.
  2. Sketch out your simple face.  I made the face shape, then added eyes, the brows, a nose and mouth.  You can include ears and hair too, but I left those off to add after I stamped the face.
  3. I used Aileen’s Tacky glue and drew over the image with that.
  4. I cut the twine to the sizes I needed and added it to the glue.  Press firmly for good adhesion.
  5. Once your face is dry, press onto a waterproof ink pad and stamp onto your paper.
  6. Fill in with paint, pastels, markers or  colored pencils.

Our techniques challenge was to make a spirit doll.  Barb Owen used a stamped image for her dolls faces.  This is an inexpensive and quick way to make your own doll faces without having to purchase anything.

This technique works for all sorts of simple images.  Flowers, birds, animals, holiday images like candy canes and Christmas trees- the possibilities are endless.

Carving stamps is also a lot of fun, but you need the tools and material to do it.  Using those large erasers you can purchase from the Dollar Tree is an inexpensive carving material, should you want to give it a try.








Daily Art Challenge: July 6

Our challenge for today is to use paint sample cards.  These are free from any store that sells house paint.  A few ideas for their use:

  1.  Punch out a shape and use as a tag on a gift.
  2. Use as the covers for mini art journals or pads of paper.
  3. Cut longer ones into Christmas trees, candy canes, stockings, and string together to make a garland for your tree or
  4. use those same shapes +individually as ornaments
  5. Make into jewelry pendants or earrings
  6. make into bookmarks
  7. use to separate recipe cards or as tabs in an address book
  8. use as place cards or name tags at a party
  9. add to foam core in an image for an interesting art piece.  Put in frame.
  10. Stitch to card stock to make an cool card or pocket for an art journal page
  11. use to label your totes or canvas bins

There are lots of ways you can use paint samples in your art practice.

Daily Art Challenge: June 16th

Our challenge for today is to use stencils in our art.  Use store bought or homemade stencils (DIY stencils, DIY stencils and Templates, DIY Stencils, Stamps and Washi Tape) for this challenge.  It doesn’t matter which.

Stencils are an inexpensive, but very useful, item to have in your work room.  I purchase my stencils only when they are hugely discounted.  Normally I just make my own.  Check out the links and have some fun with stencils today.

Daily Art Challenge: June 10

We are creating a Tim Holtz inspired art piece today.

As you know, if you’ve been with me for any length of time, I love Tim Holtz.  I love his products, his creativity, he’s an inspiration to me and so many others out there.  My only concern with Tim and his creations is the cost of the products he uses.  I am on a very tight budget and have no extra money to spend on the latest and greatest of everything.  Which is why I try to duplicate the look for less.  Please follow my links and choose one of the many Tim Holtz inspired projects.  Once you’ve decided which project you want to make, include it in your daily art.

DIY Tim Holtz Quote/Words

DIY Tim Holtz Inspired Flowers

DIY Tim Holtz Faux Die Cuts

DIY Printed Tissue Paper

DIY Tim Holtz Inspired Resist Spray

DIY Fasteners

DIY Fragments

DIY Ephemera

DIY Hanger embellishments

DIY Mixed Media Tags

Remember, don’t let cost keep you from creating.  There are many, many fun and frugal projects which will give you all the creative satisfaction you desire at little or no cost.  My site is filled with them.  Take a look around and you’ll see.