Daily Art Challenge: August 3

Our challenge today is to use paint pens.

Posca is my favorite brand of paint pens, although I have several less expensive brands as well.  My Posca pens are in white and black, in several different widths.  The colors I have are all the less expensive, off-brands.  The reason I like the Posca pens the best is I haven’t had any paint gush from the nibs.  Others can leave a random blotch of paint when you only wanted a line.  I get around that by adding the paint from the pen to my craft mat and dipping the nib into it.  Somewhat inconvenient, but it does work.

Paint pens are terrific for use in art journaling.  They work well for details and highlights, doodles, writing, anything you might want to do with a pen you can do with a paint pen.  I use mine primarily for outlining images on my page or canvas.


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