Smart Art Box, Update


Alright guys, here’s the thing, the Smart Art Box from July has been very negatively received.  The lack of product, the poor condition in which the products arrived to the customer, the toxicity and flammability of Gamsol which leaked in many of the boxes, the materials sent were not appropriate for the project included (Cubism which uses earth tones and very muted colors as a rule.  The markers were in primary colors which is not the correct color palette for the project), the 50 dollar price tag for art supplies that are probably only worth 20 to 25 bucks (without coupon or sales)-all add up to many unhappy customers.

I am in no way affiliated with any company or art supplier.  I purchase my stuff like everyone else, with coupons and sales being my usual method.  I have never received free supplies from any company and my reviews are based upon my experience with the products mentioned.  My goal is to get people arting. Creating-whether they have money to spend on name-brand supplies or not.  And because of this, I don’t want any of my treasured readers to run out and join something which does not seem to be a wise use of their hard-earned money.

Here’s my take on the Smart Art Box thing:  You can look up tutorials from past Smart Art Boxes and decide if you want to make any of those projects.  You can purchase your own supplies at places like Blick and Jerry’s  These two are my go-to’s for art supplies, Blick being my first choice because their shipping is crazy fast.  Both offer free shipping on purchases over a certain amount, have terrific sales, provide outstanding, high quality products and amazing customer service.  I’ve also purchased things from Amazon, which is another option.  Oriental Trading is also able to offer some very reasonably priced stuff, and I’ve used them several times for larger quantity purchases for the classes I teach.

If you prefer to purchase your supplies in a brick and mortar store there is Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Dollar Tree (around here, I have no idea what stores are available elsewhere)-all of which have a multitude of things appropriate for all sorts of projects.  Hobby Lobby and Michaels also offer daily coupons and sales, clearance items and you can often pick up some things very reasonably priced.  Second hand stores and garage sales, while hit or miss, also have lots of things you can use to make your artwork for a fraction of the retail price.

And, obviously, I use many recycled items and DIY art supplies.  There are countless tutorials and recipes on my site for those things.  Search for what you’re interested in purchasing.  I may have a review or a cheaper alternative.  If there are any supplies you would like me to review, please let me know and I’ll be happy to do that.

In conclusion, I want my readers to be able to create art without busting their budget.  It’s very important to me to give you my honest opinion on what’s out there, what is good quality, and what I consider a waste of money.  For those of us with seriously limited funds, it is important to get the truth about products before we lay out our hard earned cash.

Truth is what I promise to give you.

Original Post: 

Hi, guys.  I’ve been working in my workroom, purging and also organizing things.  I was working on gathering my teaching materials together for an upcoming class I’m teaching on bible art journaling and I had you tube going on the computer.  Lindsay the Frugal Crafter was demonstrating a Smart Art Box.

If you have no art materials at all and are interested in starting with some projects, a Smart Art Box may be a good idea for you.  The premise is you receive different art supplies in the mail each month.  The box includes a project using those supplies.  You can also look up past Smart Art Box tutorials, see what projects or supplies interest you and purchase them yourself-which is a less expensive option.

Because I have just about every art supply known to man, I have most of the stuff already.  I can grab my own supplies and follow along with these tutorials.  The projects are quite diverse, with lots of different techniques.  This is an easy way to use some of those supplies that are just sitting there doing nothing.  And the projects aren’t necessarily what I would think of first.  I really like that because it gets me outside my comfort zone.

Not all projects will appeal to everyone, but there is enough variety I’m sure something will strike your fancy.  The reason I’m posting this is because I have so many supplies-bought on sale or second hand of course-I’m sometimes at a loss as to what to make with them.  I made the project I bought them for originally, then they sort of sit there staring at me.  These tutorials are fun and (usually) quite simple to do.  You learn new techniques and use up what you have in your stash-how much better does it get?




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