Project Sketch and Plan

My paint palette project is inspired by the work of Marta at Maremi Small Art.  If you haven’t checked out her channel, please do so!  She is the most delightful person!  She is a sweet person with such kindness in her heart, you cannot help but love her.  Her videos are very soothing and calm-no stress at all, just trying this and that to see how it works.  If she doesn’t care for it, that’s alright too.  It’s about the process of creating the art work.

So once I decided to make this art piece I thought about what I wanted to include in it.  And I did something I’ve never done before:  I made a project sketch:

IMG_1270 (2)

I did this based upon the materials I had to work with, not intending to purchase anything for this project.  (I did buy more cheese cloth and a paint brush, however.  Less than four bucks for all.)

Normally with art jounaling I just make what I make, letting myself do whatever I want at the time.  (And there has been that too, because that’s how I always work.)  But I found it quite helpful to have an overall plan for the project, so I won’t forget any of the details I want to include.  And because I have the rough plan in front of me, I can work on multiple parts of it at once.

I know I want art tiles with the quote-so I can make those while the burlap ribbon is drying.  I know I want flowers, so I can age and antique them before hand and  they’re ready when I need them.  I know what supplies I want to use so I can gather them all together before I begin-no pawing through totes and boxes looking for the perfect thing.

Maybe this is something you already do.  I never have before.  But I have found it to be very helpful.  It saves so much time to gather the materials together beforehand and just grab what you want as you reach that point.  I feel like I’ve made a huge leap in my daily art practice with this one simple thing.

If you’ve never done this either, give it a try.  You are still able to create whatever you want as you go-there is no loss of creative freedom.  It just gives you a bit of a map to the final destination, which I really like.  I think it actually freed up my creativity because I wasn’t stymied by supply and techniques options.


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