Project Complete!

Actually, I should say nearly complete.  The art tile quote isn’t ready to be attached yet.  Everything else is finished.  Here’s how I did it:

I sanded the palette and covered it with DIY gesso.  When that dried I added texture with DIY modeling paste through stencils, book pages, and some type of gauze I found in my scraps.  I attached with gel medium and let dry.

Once that was dry I washed the whole thing with watered down light tan and white paint.  Later, I sprayed the palette with DIY spray inks.  Before I attached anything I used my Inktense blocks to add some color.  Used a wet paint brush to move it around and then worked it in with a baby wipe.

I washed the flowers and leaves with watered down white, tan, pink and pale green paint.  I used a dark brown and ivory mixed with both the pink and the green to give them a more vintage feel.  I painted the burlap and paint brushes with gesso.

When everything was dry I attached them to the palette.  I began with the burlap, added golden brown lace to that, then crocheted lace on top of that.  I used a broken necklace as trim over the lace.

I attached the flowers, threaded the paint brushes through the leaves and attached them.  Next came the gold leaves.  Once the quote pieces are dry, I’ll attach them too.  Then add more shading where needed and it’s finished.


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