Multiple Moments of DUH!

In the past, when I was able to work, I was a paint contractor.  I worked for a couple realtor companies, I painted for individuals as well as for home builders, I painted murals (one in a church nursery which is still there today), wall papered (stripped wallpaper too), staining and varnishing, everything there was to do-I did it.

My husband had built rolling storage for me for jobs.  They are wood, with larger wheels, a long handle to pull them, and individual spots for my most used stuff.  I had forgotten about these until a couple moments ago when the DUH! moment happened.

So I mentioned I was going to make a project with the wood palette.  I want to include paint brushes in this project.  I even bought a cheap brush at Home Depot for that reason…So I’m wondering how I’m going to accomplish this because the only brushes I have are the ones on my table that I use every day…I grabbed four or five of my least used ones and sanded them down and gessoed them.  Because when I’m in the mood to make something I cannot be slowed down by something as trivial as not having what I need…

I went into the back room and my husband had moved something, revealing the contractor totes he made.  There, hanging from the hooks, were 8 or 9 brushes I had completely forgotten about…Found, literally less than a minute, after I trashed 5 or 6 brushes that I actually use.


Another of my DIY projects is making your own texture tools.  I have been working on these for art journals and planned to post what they are and how to make them…One thing I was frustrated about was the size of the stamps I’ve been making because I want to use them for all-over backgrounds.  Storing these large items might be a challenge for me.  I was thinking it would be so nice to be able to roll the pattern onto the page…How can I make this work…

Which is what I’m thinking about as I’m pawing through my work totes.  I am holding a small roller in my hand as this is, again, running through my head.  I am thinking to myself, maybe there is something in here that would work…Anything?  Anything at all?


Glue the fun foam shapes to a roller cover and away you go…

I was making tulle leaves using wire.  You paint the wire prior to making the leaves.  I was looking for a way to have the wire dry upright without messing up the paint-while the wet one is in my hand, of course.  Don’t think about what you’re going to do with the thing once you paint before you actually paint it.  Why, that would be stupid…

So I have the wet wire in my hand and I’m moving the crap that’s on my work table all over the place trying to find something to use.  One of the things I keep moving from one place to another is a 6″ round disk of Styrofoam.  I must have moved it out of my way 5 or 6 times before it struck me-stick the wire in the Styrofoam.  It drys upright.


These three dim-bulb moments happened in like 10 minutes.  Just one right after another…

It’s 2 a.m.  Perhaps sleep would be a good idea…





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