My Workroom

I always love to see other people’s work spaces.  It offers me inspiration and I feel I get to know the person a bit better by seeing where they create their art.  I may have posted this before-if so, please forgive the repeat-but I couldn’t find my room when I put it in the search.  So here it is:

My work room holds a bit more “stuff” now.  In front of where the computer sits I have boxes of vintage encyclopedias, my recycled boxes for art journaling, and the Hogwart’s Castle I made.  In front of the canvas tote wall is stacks and stacks of finished paintings and new canvases.  In front of the white bookcase nearest my desk is the rolling cart from Ikea.  It holds my most used art journal supplies.  The dress I’m wearing in the picture is the one I spilled paint all over during my “one of those days” day.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.


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