Dollar Tree Haul!


Here is my haul from Dollar Tree.  We went to a small town south of us and the Dollar Tree there had some great stuff not found in our stores here.

I found two small containers of drywall spackle which is the same type I told you about from Walmart.  Only these were only a buck rather than under four bucks.  I bought two.  Great, cheap modeling paste!

I found napkins I thought would work well for art journaling, some pink paper banner with interesting shapes, two packages of the plastic cutting boards I use between my pages when I art journal, cheese cloth, three 4th of July little hats which I have a journal idea for, multi-colored pens for my Spirograph, a burlap ribbon, a package of 5 shipping envelopes to make into art journals, paper bags-again to make into journals, white tissue paper, a stamp set, and the best of all: burlap flowers!  I bought four colors, although I will just paint them to go with whatever layout I’m making.  The texture is delightful!  They will work great for embellishments and ATC’s.

The four “wood” floor samples came from Home Depot which was right next door.  I plan to add texture to both sides and use them as background stamps.  Free!  The small paint brush is for a Duplicate I want to try.  It was a buck and change.


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