DIY Build a Stash, 4

IMG_1248 (2)

I don’t think I mentioned going through your “junk” drawers to find things with which to build a craft stash.  This gathering took all of 10 minutes.

We all have those spots in our homes where we stuff things we are not able to find a home for.  Or we have desk drawers filled with stuff we haven’t looked at in ages.  Or we have kitchen drawers that are “catch all’s” for all the oddness of life.  If you are lucky enough to have children in your home you can find some really interesting bits and bobs which you will swear you’ve never laid eyes on before in your life.  It’s just stuff that seems to breed within the drawer while it’s closed…

I found googly eyes, Christmas decorations, a cake decorating book, old stencil sets, a card with a gift card to a restaurant for $25 bucks, dental floss, styrofoam balls, some sort of plastic shark thing, counter top samples and a vintage book on embroidery.  My laundry room held an empty drink cup behind the paper towels, used dryer sheets, a beaded headband and plastic champagne glasses…We don’t drink champagne and I have no idea how they got there…

Quick and easy way to gather all sorts of unique things for your art practice.


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