More DIY Ephemera

I removed all the pages from an old encyclopedia and began stamping all of them.  I am using a variety of stamps on the pages, leaving open spaces as well as overlapping the stamps.  This is a wonderful way to build a stash of unique papers for your backgrounds, tags, pockets, bookmarks, and embellishments.

I also have a few packages of scrapbook paper which are vintage-feeling.  I looked through them today and found several ephemera sheets in each one.  I cut them up into pieces and added them to a ziplock bag.  My other packs of paper also had tags and things inside them, so I cut those up too.  Now not all the scrapbook paper was to my taste-I bought them to make cool paper beads-but I can still use the tags and things.  If you hit them with gesso, it calms down the colors.  Or just paint over them.

In the last two days, I have filled a plastic 12×12″ scrapbook paper tote with ephemera.

Well, back to cleaning…


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