DIY Vintage Inspired Ephemera

Tonight’s project is DIY vintage-inspired ephemera.

Since I have very little vintagey things to add to my art journals, I thought I’d make some of my own.

Here is a piece of poster board.  I gessoed it first, then used some paints on it.  I began with burnt sienna, then went to yellow ochre.  Then I added water to it and washed the final third with that.  So it is a variegation of the colors from darkest to lightest.  After that dried I washed it with watered down metallic gold paint.

Then I found stamps which felt “vintagey” to me… I stamped several of each on the poster board.  Once the ink was dry I painted some of the images with craft paints.  I used a fuschia pink, but toned it down with a dark brown and ivory.  This gives the paint a muted, old feeling.  Craft paints can be alarmingly bright sometimes and this works well to knock out the circus-color feeling.  I painted the roses with this color, shading and adding highlights where needed.

Using the brown and ivory to mute the colors, I painted flowers with reds and oranges, and the leaves with two shades of green.  Once the images were painted I used metallic paint to highlight where I wanted highlights.  I didn’t paint all the stamped images as I’m not sure exactly how I will be using them.  I do know I’m working on an art journal with pinks and greens in it.

IMG_1127 (2)

painted images

Now that the images are dry, I can cut them out.  Make them into tags, pockets, embellishments, etc.  This was a simple way to make several vintage-inspired images from a piece of scrap poster board and a little bit of paint.


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One Response to DIY Vintage Inspired Ephemera

  1. looks like you had fun!


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