Time to Clean Up!

IMG_1124 (2)

I have been making things like crazy lately.  Probably because I’m feeling about 90% better following my surgical complications.  Although I’m not 100% and the pains come back every time I eat, they are greatly reduced.  Nothing like they were in the beginning of the process.  It’s been a full five weeks since surgery so I’m confident things will continue to improve and may eventually be gone.  I am hopeful.

Anyway, once I started feeling better and was able to come down stairs to my work room I’ve been working pretty much non-stop.  Which means my workroom has  suffered from the activity.  I always experience shrinking desk syndrome…I work until I have a 4″ space that’s free.  Then I give up and clean up.

The things you see on my desk stay on my desk:  I have my brushes, separated into watercolor and acrylics.  Beneath the two drying baby wipes are my two containers of water for my watercolor paintings.  They each have two wells-one for dirty water and one for clean water with which to grab paint.  You really don’t want to contaminate your paints if you can help it.  That’s why there’s mixing wells on palettes.  Then a small bunch of glue sticks.

Beside the printer is my 4 water containers for acrylic painting.  Behind them is some scrap papers and my glue gun.  Next is my computer and beside that is my storage drawers of acrylic paints.  Hanging from the drawers holding paints is my heat gun and my blow dryer.

For such a small space you wouldn’t think it would take that long to clear off, but I spent over an hour doing it.  I have decided on our next trip to U of M we will stop at Ikea and pick up one more of those rolling carts.  I have the one I bought last time filled with art journal supplies.  It rolls out of the way when I need it to and holds everything I’m currently working on easily.  I think the next one will be dedicated to my art class materials and supplies.  These things are terrific!

Now that I can see my desk, I will continue onward…Tonight’s adventures await!




4 Replies to “Time to Clean Up!”

    1. Thank you! It is small, but I manage! LOL. I have an area in the back room where I store my gallons of paint and where I make the big messes. In the family room, right outside of the workroom, I have my huge storage totes of fabrics, puppet making materials, papers, flowers, and lots of other stuff. Now that I think of it, most of my supplies are stored outside the workroom.

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      1. LOL I giggled when I read your comment, my stuff is in the upstairs hall, under the bed, a full dresser, and the entry way is full, and 1/2 of the garage and 1/2 of the attic. I am like an ameba, taking over the world.


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