Alternative For Modeling Paste

I’m aware not everyone is into making their own supplies.  I offer a lot of DIY alternatives for commonly used items but here is one which is purchased rather than made.

Dap Fast’N Final Lightweight Spackling.

I found this at Walmart yesterday while I was looking for drywall tape with round holes in it to make into Punchenella.  It is a small plastic tub filled with light and fluffy spackling which you can easily use as modeling paste in your art journals.  The cost was less than four bucks for the 8 oz. container.

IMG_1102 (2)
Dap Spackle in my loose leaf art journal

Here are a few of the pages I used the spackle on in my  art journal.  These are not finished pages, obviously, but you can see the spackle takes paint beautifully.  In this case I used metallic craft paints but any type will work.

Just another low cost alternative to the more expensive modeling pastes marketed to crafters.


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