Vacation Haul!

One of the things my husband and I like to do is to paw through second hand stores, junk shops, pawn shops, etc.  While on vacation we had two afternoons which were cloudy.  We went for drives on both days and found some wonderful, hole-in-the-wall places along the way.  Above are the art-related items we found.

We found one interesting junk shop, owned and run by an 84 year old man who had been diagnosed with cancer 15 years earlier and was told he was going to die.  He said he waited around a couple years to die, but when it didn’t happen he went back to work.  He’s been running his junk shop since and has no intention of retiring.  He saw his oncologist last week and the doctor asked him if he was ever going to die.  The man said, “Not while I have work to do.”

The dollhouse furniture, all of it for $20 bucks, was purchased there.  The stamps and stencils were found at an Ace Hardware store which was going out of business.  Everything 60% off.

The lace trims have a story.

We wandered into a large store which had “booths” rented by different people.  They could fill their space with whatever they wanted, and there were probably 50 different booths in the upper level.  The lower level was all 50% off.

I had wandered to the back of the store and an elderly woman stuck her head in through the back door.  She said “Get the quilt rack!”  I thought she was trying to carry one into the building, so I went to the door and asked if she needed help.  She said “Get my quilt rack!”  I said, “Ma’am, I don’t work here.”  She yelled, “Yes you DO!  I just bought the thing!”  Someone who actually worked there came up and said I’ll help her and I moved on.

DH and I went downstairs into the bargain area and I found this bag of trims which I use in art journaling.

We came back up and the woman who helped the angry older lady said to the owner:  “Give this lady a discount!  She’s the one who had her ass chewed by the old bat!”  I laughed and said “Some people are just like that.” and forgot about it.  When we reached the front the owner said to everyone at the counter, “This lady gets this for free.”  I said that isn’t necessary, but she insisted.  So I received my wonderful bag of trims for nothing.

I also received the pearl strand for nothing.  My dear husband “goosed” me when he passed by me in another second-hand/antique store.  The owner was there and I laughed and told her what he had done.  She said it’s lovely to see a couple in love with each other…I found several strands of pearls, which are actually the things you attach to your glasses so they hang around your neck, but was not able to make out the price.  I brought it to the owner and asked.  She said since I was such a nice lady I could have them. I objected, but she insisted.

I also purchased several bracelets, a sparkly necklace, lovely earrings and two rings.  All dirt cheap and wonderfully sparkly.

My husband bought two heavy metal things.

Oh, I almost forgot!  I bought three black wire baskets which I plan to hang on the wall behind our master bathroom toilet to hold rolled towels, toilet paper rolls and perhaps some flowers/decor.  It will fill that space, add storage and look cool.


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  1. Love your story, sounds like you had a blessed time : )


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