Going On Vacation? What To Pack

for your daily art experience.  There are, for most of us, many many options for art supplies to take along on a vacation.  My suggestion is this:  choose your preferred projects first.

If you are like me you may paint, art journal, make jewelry, make home decor, paper crafts, clay crafts, fabric crafts, and the list goes on and on and on.  In my case I have decided to limit the amount of supplies I am taking to only two types of art.  Watercolor painting and art journaling.

Now, I use water-soluble materials in my art journaling all the time, so there is a significant amount of stuff which I use for both these art experiences.  I have limited my water-soluble media to the stuff I won’t be crushed if it ends up in the lake.  I am using my Reeves water-soluble crayons, Jerry Q’s watercolor paints, my DIY gouache’ paint palette and the least expensive watercolor pencils I have.  I have included a couple water brushes for my watercolor painting.  I am including a new block of watercolor paper, some smaller papers-already cut-which will be taped to my foam core board in case I want to paint in the boat or on the beach.

Not that long ago I mentioned I had bought a tool box from Harbor Freight.  It holds four clear, plastic, multi-sectioned trays.  They snap closed, stack on top of each other and then the whole thing is closed up.5dfebf8d8bb5f71052c297a1bdb76cfa

I had put several things in these little storage containers so I would be able to just grab the whole thing and bring it to my work table for art journaling times.  Except I didn’t actually fill them with things I would use for every page.  I just filled them with extra stuff I thought would be cool to use someday.  Today I emptied it and refilled it with things that actually make sense for a portable art journal work station.

Each of the plastic holders has a “family” of stuff.  One holds my tools-plastic credit card scrapers, scissors, craft knife, tiny scissors, punches, stamps and pads, etc.  One holds my paints.  I have the DIY metalic rub-ons, shimmer paints, small plastic tubs (from the dollar tree) filled with my six primary colors for my extended acrylic palette as well as black and white.  One has a set of small alpha stamps, small stencils, washi tape, glue sticks, tiny ink pads, a touch of ribbon, double sided tape, some scraps of doilies, old baby wipes, etc.  Just tiny scraps of whatever I could fit into the sections.  The last plastic container was not used.  I replaced that with a “drawer” I made from a old cardboard box.  This has no sections and can hold a surprisingly large amount of stuff.  The bigger stuff was put into the top of the box with the smaller stuff secured within.  Other than the larger stuff I always use- modeling paste, gesso, ruler, etc. every thing fit well in this small storage tote.  I could-if I were so inclined-survive the entire week using just what I was able to cram into this storage unit.

But I cannot stop there.  I must have enough to do-remember no internet access where we are going so I won’t be able to take any classes, watch you-tube videos or write on my blog.  My fear is I will be bored.  I absolutely do not do well with boredom.

So I used my other tool box-the one we packed for all those trips to U of M- as well as the stacking one.  In this second one I put in the baby wipes, gesso, modeling paste, mod podge, scraps of tissue papers, wrapping papers, book pages, music pages, spray bottle for water, markers, paint markers, brushes, tape, tiny self healing cutting mat, plastic cutting mats, palette paper pads, stencils, stamps.  Wow, that sounds like a ton of stuff doesn’t it?  Yet there is a very small amount of each.  And the size for these materials is tiny.  The stencils were DIY, the stamps are the tiny DIY ones I made, the palette paper pads were on sale at Dollar Tree-2 for a buck.  They are 5 x 7″ pads with 35 sheets per pad.

The final canvas tote is filled with paper.  My accordion file of scrap papers-these are the only papers I will be using for art journaling this week.  Watercolor blocks, sketch pads and pencils, my art journals, a couple adult coloring books with colored pencils, an old scrap-book kind of journal which I had planned to re-do.  All these fit into the canvas tote.

So with everything I packed, two small storage totes and the canvas bag, there is very little room taken up for the trip.  After I finished I realized I actually needed to pack clothes as well.  The entire weeks worth fit into a small laundry basket.

I think it’s pretty obvious where my priorities lie.



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3 Responses to Going On Vacation? What To Pack

  1. Have fun! I think my brain would pop if I didn’t make something everyday. It sounds like we are from the same gene pool LOL


    • Yes, I can’t be idle and if I don’t make something everyday I become a bit cranky. The beauty of making things, in my opinion, is we are following in the Creators footsteps. His work is the most magnificent artwork ever made.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I totally agree! I sometimes think, HOW did I think of this crazy idea and then I think “Well, the Creator is living in me, we are just having fun together.”


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