Personal Post-Don’t Read if You Don’t

want to hear about it.

This past Thursday, I had what was supposed to be a very simple, routine surgery.  Very easy recovery.  So easy, in fact, the nurses at the hospital said Tylenol and Ibuprofen would easily cover it.

Well, I had some serious complications following this very routine, easy surgery which has put this one at the top of my list for horrors following medical procedures.  I have now had 21 major operations and of all of them this one was, without question, the worst for recovery.

And I blame the insurance companies for throwing people out of the hospital two hours following surgery.  There is no way they know how you’re doing at that point.  My problems didn’t start until 10 hours following the operation.  And they lasted until this morning.  That’s an awful long time to go without sleep, walking constantly and in extreme pain.  Truthfully, I have never experienced pain like that before.  Childbirth without any pain meds and one kid broke my tailbone-nothing compared to what happened here.  NOTHING.

Cluster headaches have always been my most painful experience and the measurement with which I judge all other pain-until now.  I have said I wouldn’t take 20,000 dollars if someone offered it to me to have a cluster headache.  I wouldn’t take 100,000.00 for what I went through this weekend.

The problem was it was the “perfect storm”.  So many things went wrong, each adding to the pain of the one before, by the time I was turning the corner for recovery I hadn’t slept in three days, walked 13 hours straight and was bleeding quite a bit.  The incisions were inflamed, swollen and oozing.  My stomach was the size of a nine month pregnancy.

It was like living in hell.

You’re wondering why I didn’t go into the hospital, aren’t you?  Well, for one thing there was no way I could ride in a car for that length of time.  And unless they were going to put me out of my misery by ending my life, there was nothing they could do for it anyway.  I was doing everything suggested for Co2 buildup, which is the gas they use to pump open your abdomen for laparoscopic surgery.  I had a horrible reaction to this gas, which caused the most hideous problems I have ever had in my life.

My gut didn’t wake up until last night.  No bowel sounds, nothing.  At one point they would not release you from the hospital until there were bowel sounds-apparently that is no longer the case.  At least not in this experience anyway.  I feel this is a direct result of insurance companies deciding they no longer want to pay for a person staying in the hospital.  That may not have been the answer for all my problems either, but at least I would have had some doctor there to deal with the extreme heat, bleeding and inflammation in and around the sites.

Those issues are greatly improved this morning.  The sites look pretty normal at this point.  The extreme swelling of the abdomen has lessened tremendously.  I have lost 18 pounds.  I was able to sleep last night, for the first time since surgery.  In fact, I am still quite tired and think I will walk a bit before taking another nap.  I was able to have a small slice of zucchini bread this morning which stayed down and actually tasted pretty good.

All in all, I feel confident I am on the upswing with this nightmare.  I should be greatly improved by sleep, which is a recommended thing following surgery and something I was unable to do because I was walking constantly.  My husband-poor man!  He’s a saint I tell you-actually walked beside me, holding me upright because I would doze off while walking.

All I can say is I hope your weekend was better than mine.



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One Response to Personal Post-Don’t Read if You Don’t

  1. rubiescorner says:

    Have a speedy recovery. You are bound to feel better in three days.


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