The Clip Art Book

I noticed this book on my book shelf last night.  As I have mentioned, I have many many books.

This book is filled with over 5000 copyright free images.  There are people, costumes, architecture, alphabets and numbers, heraldry and armor, transportation, leisure and sports, Music, anatomy and medicine, flowers, animals, reptiles, birds, insects, fish, occupations…The images are copyright free, the way they are laid out on the page is copyrighted by the publishers.  Which means I cannot scan each page and upload it onto my blog for your use.

I think I am able to share individual images, however, and I will investigate that further.  I hope I am able to do that, as some of these pictures are absolutely stunning!

I am so thrilled I found this book on my shelf.  I have looked at the title many times in the past, but never really grabbed the book and looked through it.  It was one of my second-hand purchases, and I have made many, many of those.  I have bookshelves lined with books I purchased because I liked the title, the book cover looked cool, it was old and huge (for use in art journaling), whatever the reason might be.  Those books are separate from my bible reference/study books, my art books, my history books, my business books, my collection of biography’s, my instructional/classes-I’m-taking books, and my personal favorites.  Oh, and I have boxes and boxes of books which don’t fit on my bookshelves.

To say I have enough books to fill a small public library is not at all an exaggeration.

Once I have my own sketches uploaded for your use, I will see if I can get some of the images from this wonderful book onto my site.  I think you will enjoy using the artwork in your projects.


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