Craft Room Essential TOOLS

Here is a list of tools I find to be essential in my work room.  These are suggestions for those new to crafting or setting up a craft room.

  1.  Hot Glue Gun.  This is a tool I use every day.
  2. Craft knife and blades.  This is something I use to cut out chip board images. I cut plastic stencils with my craft knife.
  3. Blow Dryer or Heat Gun.  Drys my work quickly so I can continue my projects.
  4. Ott Lights.  These are portable and powerful.  They can be costly, but in my opinion are worth every cent.
  5. Awl or pokey tool.  I use this to make the holes in my art journal covers for attaching the signatures.
  6. Paper trimmer.
  7. Easels.  I have portable, tabletop and floor easels.  Essential tools for holding your canvas while painting.
  8. Paint palettesHere is my review of paint palettes.
  9. Printer and Computer.  I use this daily.  I print instructions, I type up recipes for art supplies and materials, I print copyright free images.  I could not function without these essentials.  I consider them one item, as they work together.
  10. Credit Card Scraper.  Seriously, this is my most used tool in my workroom.  There are countless uses for this handy, free little plastic rectangle.  I have cut them up to make smaller wedges for use in watercolor painting-to make branches and trees, to make flower details, for texture on mountains and grasses.  I have several I use to add gel medium to my art journal pages.  I use them to smear paint and gesso around.
    1. I was fortunate enough to mention my desire for more gift cards (we have no credit cards) to my dear husband.  He travels for work quite often and has access to hotel key cards-which are also perfect for this use.  Quite often the hotel will give him several to take home.  He also is a safety director for a local trucking company.  In this capacity he orders the guys fuel cards.  Every so often they have to turn their old ones in and get new ones-he has kept the old, shut off cards for me.  I have-I’m guessing here-over 200 plastic credit card-type cards in a storage box ready for me to use.  If you are collecting them, remember you can use the cardboard ones that come in junk mail but they are not nearly as sturdy and reusable as the plastic ones.  For my bible-journaling class, I purchased 100 gift cards from Walmart-I put one cent on each card.  (I asked the manager if this was alright before the cashier and I did it, obviously.)  It may have helped that I was purchasing a tremendous amount of materials for the class at that time.  Since I was purchasing 300 plus dollars worth of stuff, the manager may have been inclined to allow this to happen…I don’t know.  Nevertheless, you may be able to purchase some from stores in your area if you don’t have access to any.


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