Tim Holtz

is an incredibly talented guy.  He designs things for scrapbookers and art journaling.  His stuff is vintage/grunge style, which is also similar to my style.  Unfortunately, Tim Holtz products are costly and I cannot afford them.  Not even with discounts and coupons.

There are many copyright free images you can use to accomplish a similar look.  Here’s what I’ve done this morning:


The flowers, which I made yesterday, needed some leaves.  I added them.  I also looked up some copyright free images of tree leaves and printed them out.  I used carbon paper to trace them onto vintage encyclopedia pages.  I cut them out.  I aged them with a dollar store brown stamp pad and highlighted with a burnt orange marker.

Tim Holtz has both stamps and dies to make leaves similar to these.  He is a beloved artist and his stuff is current, popular and sold everywhere.  We all want to make things using Tim Holtz products.

However, for those of us with very limited funds, we need to do what we can.  If there are ways to get a similar look for a fraction of the cost, why not give it a try?  If you dislike the way it turns out you can always buy the name brand products.  I am perfectly satisfied with my leaves.  They cost me a few minutes and a couple pennies to make.

It is not that I want to be disrespectful to Tim Holtz or anyone who designs products.  I love his products and his creativity.  However, the cost of these things is sometimes out of reach for people.  I am simply offering a way to achieve a similar look for less.

Another look for less is stamping images onto your own tissue paper or parchment paper.  You can make the tissue any way you like-words and sentiments, numbers, images, letters, quotes, the sky’s the limit!  If you don’t have stamps, just doodle all over the papers.  Works well and will be a totally unique and one of a kind item for your art journals.


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