DIY Tim Holtz Inspired Flowers

I found a tutorial on Pink Poodles you-tube channel in which she made Tim Holtz flowers with a die.  I don’t have the die, so here’s how I did it:

I used my 1.5″ circle punch and divided it in half, then each half into thirds.  This gave me six petals.  I used my decorative edged scissors to cut the very tip off the end of each petal.  I cut the petals apart, curving them at each side.  I cut into the flower from the outer edge about 1/3 to 1/2 the way to the center.  This lets the petals separate nicely.

Once the petals were cut out, I inked the edges and the insides with my ink pad.  You could use a marker or colored pencils if you don’t have an ink pad.  I crunched the ends of each of the petals.

Beginning with the center of the flower, take one of the circles and cut two petals-where they are attached to each other-apart to the center of the circle.  This lets you wrap the petals over onto each other to make the center.  Secure with hot glue.  Do the same with the next circle, wrap it around the center one and attach with hot glue as well. Make sure your petals are staggered-like stadium seats-the one behind shows between the two in front of it.

Do this until you reach the last two flower circles.  With a pencil roll the edges of the next circle downward, and attach.  With the last circle, roll the petals upward and attach.

Your flower is complete.

Now you can add sparkle, gems, glitter, whatever you want-or leave them as is.

I used cardstock for these, but I will be making more with patterned papers.  If you use aged looking paper you will get a vintage look, if you use pastels you will get a more candy-looking flower.

This is the perfect way to use up scraps.  It’s also the perfect project when you’re fighting a gallbladder attack.

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