DIY Stash Building, Part 3

In my earlier posts we discussed gathering stuff to build a stash and some of the things you could make with what you gathered.  Here I will separate things into categories for you.

Art Journaling:

This can be one of the most frugal options for art.  You can use an old magazine or book as your journal and add whatever you want to it.  Make embellishments from paper and old cereal boxes.  Use fabric and thread, lace and buttons.  Use baby wipes and dryer sheets.  Add color with crayons, markers, colored pencils, paints, inks, chalks and pastels.  The possibilities are endless with art journaling.  Anything and everything goes.  Use playing cards to make Artist Trading Cards.


You will need a surface to paint on.  This could be paper, masonite, cardboard, chipboard, cloth, wood, canvas, fabric, stones, anything really.

You will need something to paint with.  Brushes, palette knives, sticks, fingers, rubber bands, cloth.  Something to put the paint onto your surface.

You will need some sort of paint.  Watercolors, acrylics, oils, chalk, latex, gouache’, inks, craft paints, etc.  It does not need to be professional paint.  It can be the cheapest stuff you can get to start out.  If you find you love to paint you can purchase better quality materials as you go.  Or not.  Up to you.  I have seen gorgeous art created with tea and coffee.  You will probably want to prime your surface.  You can use gesso, household primer, DIY gesso.  The purpose of primer is to seal your surface and prepare it to accept your paint.  You don’t prime watercolor paper when you are using watercolors.

Here’s a tip:  If you are going to be painting with watercolors and you’re just starting out, spend your money on better quality paper over brushes or paints.  The paper makes the most difference in watercolor art.  A nice, reasonably priced paper is Fabriano.  This is my most used paper for my watercolor paintings.  Marie’s is an inexpensive watercolor paint which I really like.  Reeve’s brand is also great.

Once you have what you need, begin the journey and enjoy yourself.  There are many tutorials on you-tube to help you with the basics of painting.  Have fun and throw some paint around!


Break apart your old jewelry and re-make it into something else.  Make paper beads.  Make plastic beads.  You can make beads from plastic soda pop bottles.  You can make jewelry from egg shells.  Your options are endless.

Flower Making:

I have made flowers from just about everything.  I love to make them from junk mail.  I love to make coffee filter flowers.  I have made thousands of egg carton flowers and used them to make wreaths.  Use the baby wipes you use to mop up paint, inks and sprays.  There are many, many options for making your own flowers.  Some of my prettiest were made with papers I use on my work table beneath my craft mat.  I smear whatever left over/extra paints and sprays on the paper and when it’s filled I save it and make things from it.  Gorgeous!

Coloring Pages/Zentangles:

Here is another very easy-to-start craft/art project.  You can print off many copyright free images from your computer and use them as you color pages.  Or you can draw your own picture and color that.  Use kids coloring books.  Print off a simple drawing and add the lines to create a Zentangle picture.  Add color with markers, colored pencils, crayons, paint, whatever you have available.


I use cardboard boxes often for storage.  I cover them with wrapping paper to pretty them up a bit.  I used an empty tissue box filled with empty toilet paper tubes, cut in half, to hold my most used pens, daubers, palette knives, water brushes, and markers on my work top.  I use large plastic containers to hold my plastic bags, the heavyweight clear plastic some things come in (this is what I make my plastic beads from), ripped strips of fabric I use for my shabby-chic flowers.  I used large cardboard tubes cut into pieces to make a storage unit for my markers.  I covered the 4″ sections with contact paper, used a piece of fun foam to seal the back side of the tube, stacked the tubes in a pyramid shape and taped them all together with matching duct tape.  I have nine tubes filled with markers, separated by color family.

I made storage holders from foamcore.

Here’s a link to a post I created earlier and forgot about.  In it are some ideas for using your newly gathered stash.






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