DIY Build A Stash, Part 2

This morning I watched a You-Tube video.  In it the person was showing their craft room and materials.  It was a stunning room with a tremendous amount of store-bought, beautiful supplies.

And I became concerned new people might become intimidated by seeing that, thinking they needed to spend a lot of money to be creative.  This is simply not the case at all.  (This is in no way a criticism of people with gorgeous craft rooms and store bought supplies-I love to see your rooms and your stuff!  This is for brand-new people just starting out.)

First, let me tell you:  those of us with a lot of stuff started out with nothing.  In my own case-and I have very little compared to some-it has taken me my entire adult life to build up this stash of stuff.  Most of the stuff I bought was second-hand or was gifts.  When I do purchase something everything I buy is on sale/discounted.  I use coupons-Retail Me Not-and buy clearance and at dollar stores.  I also let it be known around town that I make stuff.  People will often pass their unwanted things on to me.  I accept everything.  Even if I have to throw it away immediately.  Because if I refuse their item today, they may not offer again and next time it might be something I really need or want.

The up-side of having limited supplies is this stretches your creativity.  You become a better artist with limited materials.  Seriously.  If you have a set of six paints-a warm and cool of each primary-yellow, red and blue-you have all the colors you need to mix every color in the rainbow.  Throw in white and black and you’re good to go.  You don’t need more than those.

So, in my previous post I gave you many ideas for building a stash from nothing.  Let’s face it-unless everything you own fits in a backpack-there is stuff in your house you can use.  (And stuff in your friends and relatives homes too.  Make sure you let them know you’re looking for art/craft materials and supplies-they may have stuff they are willing to give you.)  Here are some of the things you can make with the stuff you have collected:

Other ideas:  Christmas ornaments, miniatures, jewelry, dolls, toys, puzzles, coloring books, zentangles, art tiles, paper dolls, picture frames, wreaths, bookmarks, note cards and stationary, doll houses, bird houses, decorative storage boxes, mosaics, flower arranging, model making, needle crafts and sewing.  There are so many types of art you can get into.  Pick your interest and dive in.

Believe me, no matter which area of art you choose you can do it on a budget.

Check out some of my previous posts.  There are instructions for making most of these things.  There are instructions for making your own supplies.  There are instructions for making your own storage.  There are suggestions for where to purchase cheap materials and supply comparisons.  Here is a wonderful you-tuber, Lindsay the Frugal Crafter.  She has thousands of you-tube videos showing many DIY projects, tutorials, and inexpensive ideas for your crafting/arting.




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