DIY Tim Holtz Quote/Word Chips


Tutorial for these Tiles.  Pink Poodle likes to make supplies herself, too, and this is her tutorial.

I was not even aware of these tiles. After making a few, I am addicted to them!   Here’s how:

I used the kids air-dry clay for these tiles.  You can use polymer clay which you bake in your toaster oven if you prefer.  I rolled a wad of clay out to about a quarter of an inch thick, maybe less.

I used my cheap-o stamp sets from Michael’s and Walmart.  You do not need to press.  In fact, pressing into the clay makes the image distorted.  Just set the inked stamp upon the rolled out clay, lightly.  I used Pigment Ink.  Once I stamped the words onto the rolled out clay, I cut the words out with an exacto knife and laid them on a spare plate to dry.

Easy peasy.

Since most of us have these supplies in our workrooms this is a fun, quick project.  So simple and doesn’t require running to the store for an obscure ingredient.  You could also stamp images and paint them.  Use different colored clays and inks to change things up.  Glaze with sparkle.  The possibilities are endless!

Once the tiles are dry you can glaze them or leave them as is.

Love these!

You could also make jewelry this way-which is something I haven’t done in awhile.  Maybe that’s today’s next project.

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