DIY Flowers

I cut out the shapes of the flowers from old encyclopedia pages.  I pulled three pieces of patterned paper I didn’t think I would use in my art journals and cut those up too.  Then I layered the shapes, putting a daub of hot glue to hold the pieces together.

These are very neutral. I used papers I would not have used otherwise to see how they turned out.  Now that I see them, I’m making some changes.

The largest size of the flower is to big, I think.  I will use the middle as the base, the top as the middle piece and make a smaller piece for the third part of the flower.  Once these are made in pretty papers they should be cute.  Mix up the shapes rather than have the flower all one design.  You could make them from fabric or lace too.  Those would be lovely.  Use watercolor paper you’ve painted.  Use junk mail and scrap paper.  Or dried baby wipes.  Or cards you have received.  There are several options for these easy to make embellishments.

I’ll make some templates for leaves as well.  Add gems or sparkle to the edges of the flowers.  Use shading for depth.  Cute, cute, cute.

And cheap, cheap, cheap.

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