Two More Interesting Backgrounds

This mornings art journal items:  the aged, earth-toned background came from a Mixed Media Mash-Up with Pink Poodle Crafts.  I used:

Ephemera-I used the stamped parchment papers I made yesterday.

Acrylic paint-I used white and watered it down for a wash.

Magazine images- I used vintage Vogue images.

Texture Paste- I used a stencil along the edge of the page

Stamps- I used background stamps over everything

Texture- I used tissue paper

Gesso- I watered it down and washed over the wadded up tissue paper to seal it.

Acrylic Paint- I used Yellow Ochre and Burnt Sienna, mixed them very loosely together and painted the outside edges of the pages.  I used a baby wipe and smeared the wet paint into the center of the page, leaving the outside edges darker.

Page Two:

This was a tutorial from Marta.  This one goes like this:

Gesso the pages.  Add printed tissue paper-I used the stamped parchment paper I made yesterday for this one too.  Add texture paste through a stencil.  Add thread.  I attached the thread with gel medium then dried it.  I went over the whole page with watered down gesso to cover the gel and to seal the texture paste.

Using my shimmer sprays, we started with white, then added a brownish pink-which I did not have.  I used both brown and pink.  Then a purple-Marta’s was more a deep plum color, mine is obviously a vibrant purple.  Then black.  Mine was more of a silvery-gray color, which is not nearly as deep as Marta’s.  You open the top and drizzle the sprays from the tube at the edge of the pages, tip the pages to have them run (I gave them a spritz of water to help the process) and watch them catch in your textures.  Way cool and quite lovely.  I used my shimmer sprays for this which added a nice sparkle to the pages.  I don’t think the photo picks up the depth of color and really yummy results from the drips.

After these steps, Marta goes on to finish her lay out.  I am not doing that as this is merely a background and not my finished layout.  Marta made hers on a paper bag, which allows for her next few steps.  I have mine in my art journal and I’m not sure how I want to finish the page yet.

These are great fun to do.  I have really enjoyed viewing other peoples ideas and techniques.  Something as simple as thread can make such a difference in the way the page turns out, yet I did not think to include thread on any of my own pages.  Until I saw Marta do it, it just never entered my head.

Sometimes we only think of those things we’ve always done and need to see something completely different.  Marta’s style of art journaling is not at all like my own.  She uses muted colors and a tremendous amount of texture.  Sometimes her entire page is just texture and color.  I always try to have the page say something, tell a story, convey a message of some sort.  Again, it didn’t occur to me to have a page just be lovely without saying something.

Stretch yourself on occasion.  Get out of your comfort zone and delve into the world of new techniques and ideas.  It is a lot of fun and opens up new pathways of thought and inspiration.

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