Cool Art Journal Background

Today’s art journal adventure comes from the Media Mash-up from Pink Poodle.  Surprisingly, I didn’t use any of my new stuff I bought today.  Just goes to show you can make beauty from what you have on hand without spending a fortune on all the newest stuff.

Pink Poodle pulls art journal prompt cards and we do what the cards say on the page.  These are the prompts I used on this page:

Music or Book pages

Markers-I used water-based markers and spritzed them with water.  I tipped the page and the color ran all over the place.  I used the markers to make the circles in pink and highlighted them with teal, dark teal and lime green.

Tissue paper-I used white and it became transparent on the page, but added texture.

Finger Paint-  I used Prange glitter watercolors and Lyra water-soluble crayons.  I wet the crayon marks and smeared them with my fingers.

Circles-which I had already put on my page.

Gesso-I watered it down and went over the page lightly.  I used the straight gesso on the centers of the circles.

Stencil-I used the stencil to make the circles at the beginning.

I really like the way it turned out, even though I used colors I rarely ever use-blues and green (I did have to throw in some pink anyway).  I’m sure these colors came from Marta.  She often uses those in her work.

With a quote or phrase, I think this one will be finished.

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