Journal Page Backgrounds

In spite of my mother-in-law’s fall and subsequent hospitalization and surgery, I still managed to get in my daily art.  Although none of the pages are completed, I did several backgrounds and started some ATC’s.

I used inexpensive supplies for these.  I made the ATC’s from a scribbled on poster board.  You can get 64 ATC’s from one sheet of poster board.  I cut the sheet in half, did the background on the whole piece, then cut it into the 2 1/2 by 3 1/2″ size cards.  This leaves a 2″ piece the length of the poster board.  I’ll use those for embellishments on journal pages or as journal prompt cards.

Although I have limited experience with ATC’s, I did enjoy making them.  I used scraps of everything, stickers I won’t ever use, and I even used some of my paint-dried baby wipes.  The papers were the end pieces from 12 x 12″ packages of card stock and patterned papers.  (I saved all those in an old baby wipes container.)  Bits of lace, fabric, ribbon and buttons made their way onto the cards as well.  It was an enjoyable way to spend a very windy afternoon.


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