Art Supplies vs Craft Supplies

As you know, I have been on an art journal kick lately.  That’s what I’ve been doing for my daily art, rather than painting.  I have filled an entire journal and began another one.  I started an alternative art journal and made several loose pages which I will bind into a handmade book.  I made texture card samples and gave you an extensive list of art journaling prompts.  I also offered my most used supplies and materials list for art journaling.

Most of the supplies used in art journaling can be found in artist materials as well as crafter materials.

Artist use a large amount of products in their art practice.  I mean by volume.  Because we crank out so much stuff, we buy our supplies is large quantities.  It makes no sense to purchase a 4 oz. jar of gesso for an artist.  We’ll use that up immediately.

We buy stuff in gallons.


Which is my money saver for today.  You will save money if you shop art supplies rather than craft supplies.    Here is an example:

Dina Wakley Media Gesso Primer, 4oz, 7.99 at Joann’s

Now, I am not criticizing the products by Ms. Wakley or Ranger, they are outstanding.  However, look at the cost per ounce.  The craft gesso by Ranger is $2.00 per ounce.  While the artist gesso is .85 cents per ounce.  And the price becomes even less when you purchase larger quantities.  The 32 oz. of bottle of gesso is is .54 cents per ounce of the Blick brand.

That is a significant difference is price.  Another place you can save money buying artist materials rather than craft materials is mediums.  Here’s another example:

Ranger Texture Paste 3.9 fl. oz for 7.99

Again, I am not criticizing the products at all.  This is merely about cost.

Also, artists put up with nothing.  If they are purchasing a product, it had better work.  Their livelihood depends upon it.  So the quality of the materials should be good.  I also recommend you look for reviews of whatever it is you’re considering.

I offer DIY alternatives to commonly used supplies but I realize not everyone is into making their own stuff.  This is an easy way to save some money without the DIY part of it.

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