DIY Clear Gesso

Here is my recipe for clear gesso:

1 cup PVA glue

1/4th cup distilled water

4 to 5 heaping Tablespoons of Marble Dust

This is the same recipe used by Pink Poodle.

I’m sure there are other recipes out there which would work too, but this one works great for me.  I absolutely love clear gesso.  I use it for art journaling all the time.  It dries to a matte finish, which I like.  It works over everything, has a nice tooth to it and I really can’t say enough great things about it.

Unlike Mod Podge which I have noticed-even when fully dry- seems to feel tacky, this stuff does not.  It works as a page prep and as a glue.  It is also a sealer over your finished pages.

I don’t recommend you use calcium carbonate for this recipe, although technically it would work.  It is sort of an off-white/grayish color and I’m not sure how clear that would dry.  I have also found the calcium carbonate is not as finely ground as the marble dust.  I really prefer the marble dust for my gesso recipes.

If you have never used clear gesso before, give it a try.  I use it a lot and really like it.


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