Challenge Page


Here is the page I made, duplicating this tutorial from Vicki.  I used only what I had on hand.  Here’s how I did it:

My art journal is 140 lb watercolor paper.  I gesso-ed the pages first.  Then I used my DIY modeling paste through a DIY stencil which was at one time a hook rug canvas.  After that dried I used craft paints and did the background colors.  I used a baby wipe to smudge the paint, but it dried so quickly that wasn’t very effective.  Later I just put the paint right on the baby wipe and rubbed it all over the page, which worked much better for me.  Then I spattered paint on the page and let it dry.

Vicki used five stamps for this layout and I have none of them.  She used a butterfly, paint tubes, paint brushes, circles and a phrase.  I found free clip art images of the butterfly and the paint tubes and sketched them onto chip board.  When I was satisfied with the images, I traced them onto paper and cut them out.  I used patterned papers for the butterflys and white cardstock for the tubes of paint.

I used a black permanent marker to make the circles on the page.  I used markers on the butterfly wings, then black permanent pen and adhered them to the page with gel medium.  I painted the lower part of the tubes silver and added them to the butterflies middle to make their body.  Then I added the paint brushes in permanent black pen.

Vicki used markers to shadow her images.  Mine didn’t work well on the gel medium so I used watered down craft paints.  Vicki also used a white gel pen to highlight, and mine wouldn’t write well today for some reason, so I used white craft paint and a thin brush.

Vicki used a sentiment stamp for her words, I used alphabet stamps to make the same phrase.  She used sticky backed canvas for her layout, I used a similar looking ribbon.  The white you see in the ribbon is the glue which hasn’t dried completely yet.  Then I stamped the words around the circles, highlighted with white and ended with a spatter of watered down white craft paint, which is not showing up on the photo at all.

I would include a photo of Vicki’s layout for comparison, but I don’t know if I may do that.  I have linked to her tutorial and you can see the finished layout there.

This was a fun challenge.  I liked having to think about ways to duplicate her work with the tools and materials I have in my work room.  It turned out fairly close to the original, I think.

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