DIY Infusions

IMG_0910 (2)

Vicky Papaioannou

I was watching a tutorial from Vicky Papaioannou, a very talented art journal artist.  She uses all the name brand stuff, has an amazing amount of materials, and is really fun to watch.  I have actually set myself a challenge:  follow one of her tutorials only use what I have rather than the supplies she uses.  I won’t be buying distress inks, stamps, or these new things Illusions.

They are absolutely cool.  The release of walnut stain from within the paint is pretty awesome.  I tried to duplicate the look with what I have here at home.  Here’s how I did it:

I used the cheapest chalk pastels I own and grated them on a lemon zester.  I scooped them into individual containers.  There was no dust when I did this-which is important.  You’re not supposed to breathe in pastel dust.  Once I had grated the colors I wanted, I began my tests.

I used my fan brush to pick up the grated chalk pastels and tapped it off onto the page.  I used watered down craft paints and painted over the top of the pastel dust.  It worked pretty well, I think.

You can make these in every color when you buy an inexpensive set of pastels.  You can combine colors for different looks.  The center purple page is just the pastel dust spritzed with water.

I can see this could be fun to play with.  It isn’t exactly like the Illusions, but close enough for me.  It cost me nothing-since I already had the cheap pastels and the craft paints.  Give it a try and see what you think.

Edited to add:  I have also had some success with grating dried watercolor paints as well as dried gouache’ paints.  You can purchase both watercolor and gouache’ paint at Michael’s for 4.99 for a set.  Just squirt some out, let dry and grate into a powder.  Put a mixture of your main color and a much smaller amount of your accent color-whatever colors those are.  Sprinkle lightly over your page and activate with a spray bottle of water or a wet paint brush.  You can even use gel medium rather than water for this.  I bet you could do the same with those cheap metallic or pearlescent watercolor paints too.  This is going to be fun!

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