DIY Printed Tissue Paper

Tissue paper is one of my favorites for art journaling.  I have a plastic storage box filled with different colors and patterns.  There are some really lovely tissue papers which are marketed to crafters.  These papers are expensive.   This one is two dollars per yard.  (Please, I am not bashing Tim Holtz or anyone who designs things, I am simply offering an inexpensive alternative.)

It is possible to make your own patterned tissue papers.  If you have stamps of any kind and ink-you are set.  Just ink up your stamps and use them on the plain tissue paper or parchment paper. You will create a design which is completely yours, no one else will have one like it, and it costs very little.

Tissue paper or parchment paper from the Dollar Tree works well for this.  You can buy a package of tissue paper in all different colors and stamp, stamp, stamp!  Use a variety of ink colors.  Use a variety of stamps- backgrounds, alphabets, images, numbers and dates-and put them all onto the paper.  If you checked out the Tim Holtz papers you see there is a large amount of stuff on them.  You can do the same thing with the stamps you have.

If you don’t have stamps you can doodle on the paper.  I would make sure the ink you use is water-proof so it doesn’t run all over the place (unless you want that look).  If you decide to doodle, you also have the option of several different colors for your art work.

Another option is to write all over the paper.  Use different sizes of the words, alter your writing style, use alphabet stencils and trace the letters onto the paper.  Your options are really limitless.

Stencils are another quick and easy way to add to your tissue paper.  Lay the stencil on the paper and spray your inks over it.  Or daub inks or paint over the stencil.  It’s up to you.

This is an inexpensive alternative to the printed tissue papers out there.

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