DIY Magical Powders

I was following one of Marta’s tutorials in which she used Magical Powders.  I, of course, have none of those.  So I began thinking about how I could duplicate the look.

I considered scraping some color from my Inktense blocks, but I didn’t really want to do that.  Then I thought about chalk-could I grate some chalk and would that work?  It got messy and didn’t give me vibrant color.

Then I remembered I had a tye dye kit from one of the kids things.  I grabbed it.  The bottles held some powdered color.  I transferred each of the colors into containers with snap on tops.  I used my fan brush to drop the colors onto the page.  Marta had used a fan brush as well and I was trying to keep this comparison as close as possible.  I used the two background pages she picked from the “make 25 backgrounds” video.

The results are quite beautiful.  The only problem I noticed was the tye dye did not dissolve completely because I used to much.  If you only use a tiny amount it will dissolve without problem.  A little goes a very long way.  It does reactivate with water, so you need to be aware of that.

I filled my small containers (found at Dollar Tree) with the powders found in the bottles.  I still have the bags of color unopened.  There is plenty of product here, you could split a purchase between two people.  There would be plenty for that.  I bought my tye dye kit from Walmart for $17.00.  I have enough powdered dye to last for several years.  You only need the tiniest amount for big color.

Just throwing the idea out there.  It’s an alternative you may already have in your house.  Use gloves when putting the stuff into different containers.  Blue fingers do not look good on me, yet there they are.  I also used my non-stick craft mat (it’s an oven cleaning mat) and did the pages on there.  Everything cleaned up easily and I didn’t get the dye all over my work space.


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