Break the Blank Page

Break the blank page tutorial.

Marta is delightful.  She is a multi-media artist.  Her tutorials are wonderful, she’s incredibly talented and has great ideas.  I have enjoyed watching her videos and she seems like such a sweet person.  I really love her style, which is just charming.

This morning I followed her Break the Blank Page tutorial and have made twenty different backgrounds on the pages from the art journal, which fell apart.  (The one from Goodwill that I re-did.  It had the collage with the woman’s leg and high heeled shoe on the front.)  The pages are loose, but that doesn’t bother me.  I’ll figure out what to do with them after I finish them.

I love to do stuff like this,  making something from whatever you have on hand.  It’s my favorite way to create.  Using found objects, recycled stuff, twine, broken jewelry-anything and everything.  Sometimes I open a drawer or container and pull out the first thing my hand touches.  That’s becomes the base for whatever I’m going to be making.

Another idea is to grab a random tool-punches, decorative scissors, palette knives, whatever-and use that to make your page.  Or use no tools at all, just your hands.  Remember, creativity trumps money every time.  You don’t need money to be creative, just a willingness to experiment and try new things.


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