Let’s Get Messy! DIY Inks and Sprays.


My art journal pages have included a lot of shimmer sprays and spray “inks” lately.  I don’t know if I’ve shared how I make them, so I thought I would.

When I first started making the sprays I used my watercolor paints.  I use distilled water and added some of the watercolor paint from the tubes of colors I have.  As we all know, I have a lot of watercolor paints.  The inexpensive brands worked for me.  I used small spray bottles and filled the bottle about half way with water, then added the color from the tube.  I used as much color as needed to make the spray as dark as I wanted it.   This worked well, and the watercolors came in a set with a variety of colors already mixed.  Easy way to make spray “inks”.

I also used Rit Dye in the liquid form from Walmart.  This worked pretty well too, and is easy to get anywhere.

I made some with rubbing alcohol too.  They are supposed to be like alcohol inks.  I used 2 parts water to 1 part rubbing alcohol from Dollar Tree.  These have worked for me but, again, I have nothing to compare them to.

As we all know I am all about the sparkle.  After I made the original sprays, I wanted some shimmer in them.  I used my cakes of eye shadows, crushed them to make them a powder and added them to the sprays.  This also worked but I have found the sprayer clogs often, which I find incredibly frustrating.  Later I found the powdered eye shadows at Dollar Tree and used them.  These don’t seem to muck up the sprayer as much, but there is still some clogging and frustration.

Then I discovered a tutorial from Lindsay the Frugal Crafter-who is a genius, in my opinion.  In it she mentions you need to swirl the bottles that contain the eye shadow so you don’t get the particles stuck up in the mechanism of the sprayer.

I have been shaking the snot out of the spray bottles…Lindsay also mentioned liquid watercolors.  I was not even aware these were available until I saw her tutorial.  So I ordered the three colors needed for mixing:  magenta, yellow and turquoise.  Blicks also had a magenta glitter watercolor hugely discounted and I thought, why not?  Maybe I can get the same effect with that as I can with the eye shadows, without the clogging.  (There are metallic watercolors too, which I think I’ll buy and add to the mixes, rather than adding the eye shadows…)  They have been sitting in my cupboard for months and I thought I’d try them today.

 liquid watercolors

Okay, the colors are lovely, they blend together well and I can mix pretty much any color I want.  They work well in the sprayers when there is no eye shadow in them.

No matter which method I used; the watercolor paint from tubes, the liquid watercolors, and the Rit Dye, they all clogged up a bit when I added the  eye shadow.  Maybe it’s my bottles and tops which are causing the problem, but when it’s just straight color and water-without the added eye shadow-they spray fine.

With the liquid watercolors: I would mix the colors together first, then add distilled water.  I found I was a bit to liberal with the water and it gave me a pale color.  I couldn’t really add more color because the spray bottle was full.  I had to pour half into another bottle and add more color to both.   The good news is by adding different mixes to each, I had two different colors when I was finished.  (If you want pale colors, I started with three quarters of the spray bottle filled with water then added color on top of that.)  I did not add any of the magenta with glitter in it as I was worried it, too, would clog up the works.

Since I have no shimmer inks, I have nothing to compare with the ones I made.  I can tell you I am pleased with the colors and it took little effort to make them.

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