Art Journal Prompts


As you can tell, I’ve been playing in my art journals for a while now.  I have art journal prompts I use when I am stuck or just want an adventure.

I tried to create a PDF of the journaling prompts, but my computer began updating and I’m still waiting…Here is the list I typed up:


Art Journal Prompts:


Use craft paints         Use clocks/time      Use only 2 colors

use lace or trims              sketch something             use a book reference

Use purple         Spatter paint       Use texture        Use the color wheel

Use enamel dots        Use paper beads       use recycled paper towels

make a Zentangle         use woodgrain              use the color orange

Use foam core            doodle             use fibers       use dots             use fun foam

Use a checkerboard pattern             use charcoal              monochromatic page

Use a graphite pencil    use 3 random colors        use your least favorite color

Layout using sunshine/the sun        border stamps, stencils or stickers      Use hearts

Use Words      use a paper doll         use 3 different media of the same color

Mimic the style of a great artist you admire            Use alphabet stamps or stickers

Use non-alphabet stickers    Use chipboard           Use brads/grommets

Use markers            use a crayon                use metallic elements

Use a black background       use colored card stock           use hot glue

Use patterned papers           chalk-board style            favorite quote

Geometric shapes     use watercolor pencils          favorite flower

Use a rubber band     use emphemera        use a book page       use a napkin

Use a geometric pattern       use a poem    use a credit card scraper

Use glitter pens or glue         use tissue paper        use ribbon

use junk mail        use a palette knife                 use plastic wrap

Decorative edged scissors    use die cuts             use a non-art material

Use Lemon Yellow     Use Mod Podge          Use a stencil

Use your non-dominate hand           crumpled paper         use stamps    use gel pens

Use a resist           collage something                use a water-soluble media

use chalks                     use modeling paste                                          use a dark color

Follow a you-tube tutorial         use a new, unused supply            use the color red

Antique a page           favorite color combinations         use numbers

use a black pen         use a page from a magazine          use a music reference

Use a cartoon character       use spray inks            use glitter       use tape

Use acrylic paints      use a paint pen          use scraps             use a face

Add an element from nature            circles             diamonds       stars

Finger paint    use a toothbrush       use a recycled item       use a sponge

Use gesso       use a coloring page     use washi tape           use a homemade supply

use a tag       use a photograph                 use wrapping paper         use a puzzle piece

use thread            use paper punches        use buttons          use colored pencils

use a dryer sheet       use lines                       use swirls         use a title

I put mine on watercolor paintings I didn’t care for and mixed media pages.  I cut them into 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 size.  I keep them in a small box in my “most used supplies” storage unit behind my desk.  I tried to include only those things I thought most people would have in their stash.

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