Yes! This Stuff Rocks!


This is my adhesive of choice for my art journal books.

In this post I gave you suggestions for inexpensive art journals.  I use this paste to glue two thin pages together.  In the composition books this gives you a fifty page journal, rather than 100 very thin pages.  This Yes! paste is incredibly strong, archival, and will last forever.  I have had mine for a couple of years and still have most of it, not even a quarter of the jar is used.

When you get a new jar, the first thing you need to do is smear petroleum jelly around the threads of the lidThis is very important.  This stuff sticks like crazy and you will glue the lid onto the jar. In fact, I re-apply the petroleum jelly every 5 or so uses, just to be sure the lid will remove.  (Experience speaking here.)

Using an old gift card, I spread the paste onto the paper.  Very thinly.  I lay the opposite page on top of the glued one, and using another old credit card, I smooth the page flat.  This drys slowly, so if you get wrinkles when doing this just pull the two pages apart, lay the page down again and try it over again.  I put waxed paper between my glued pages and let them dry.

Yesterday I used this on an art journal and today I made sure the pages were not stuck to the waxed paper.  They are perfectly smooth, no ripples or problems of any kind.  I love this stuff.

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