Texture Cards

I’ve been playing around with my manila folders and cut the large ones into thirds.  This gives me 6 large tags to use from one folder.

I am using these to make art journal texture cards.  These are cards with the various types of materials you can put on your page to create textures.  Here are some of my cards:

Cotton Batting

Aluminum Foil

Parchment paper, crumpled

plastic wrap

tissue paper

fun foam

sand paper



plastic bags


paper towels

dryer sheets

used disposable paint palettes

hot glue


drywall tape

modeling paste

bubble wrap



spattered paint

ripped paper



beads, buttons, sequins



Each of these can create all sorts of interesting backgrounds for you art journal pages.  I adhere mine to the cards with gloss gel medium.  It works well and dries clear.

If you’re stumped as to what to do for a background, give some of these a try.  They add so much texture to your page which is one of the best parts of multi-media art.

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