Exhausted Already!

What was I thinking when I put in my garden beds?  I was nuts!  They are enormous!

I just weeded the beds and planted my annuals.  Good grief, I’m exhausted.  Seriously, I can hardly lift my arms.  I had planned to paint my shutters, the doors of the house and my patio furniture today as well.


The ship has sailed on that idea…I can barely keep my eyes open.

Here is a novel idea…Tomorrow is another day.  There are hours in that day which can be used to accomplish these tasks.  I do not have to get everything finished in one day.  And if the next day doesn’t see everything accomplished, there is the following day.  And so on and so on.  It is actually better to finish a small amount of things in one day rather than start many things and complete nothing.

I can decide to paint half the shutters in one day, the second half of the shutters the next day.  The doors the following day.  The porch ceiling the day after that.  Then one section of the porch railing each day.  In a week or two I have everything finished and didn’t cause my body to go into the usual down-ward spiral.

If you only knew how often my husband has suggested this to me you would laugh your head off.  He has been preaching this to me for the last 30 years, and I never got it before today.  This could be because my body isn’t behaving the way it used to and I’m no longer able to just “muscle through it” as I have in the past.  Or it could be because I have reached the point in my life where I can recognize good advice and I’m willing to take it.  Or I just grew up.  Finally, after all these years.  Who knows why the change happened, but it has.  And I think I’ll be more successful with this new outlook.

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