Cheap Art Journal Options

Last winter I taught a Bible journaling class.  I provided the materials for the class.  One of the things I included was a composition book.  This is a wonderful option for an inexpensive art journal.  This is what I did with the composition book:

It has 100 pages, which are thin.  I used a liquid glue (dollar tree school glue) and combined two pages together.  (I also use Yes! paste for this purpose.) I used my credit card scraper and went over the pages-once stuck together-to smooth and flatten the page.  I had a plastic cutting mat, also from dollar tree, wedged beneath the pages so the glue didn’t get all over the book.  I did this with all 100 pages, making a 50 page art journal.  Once this was completed and the book completely dry, we decorated the covers and used the interior for art journaling, techniques and notes of interest.

This is a journal I have used several times and it works great.  I gesso my pages before I do any art journaling on them, but I do that in every art journal.  This is a cost effective way to begin art journaling, if you are interested in starting this adventure.

Another option is to use an old book as the journal.  I would combine two or three pages together to give them some strength if the pages are thin and frail.  At our local Goodwill you can buy hard cover books-any size-for .75 cents.  This gives you both an art journal to work in and also book pages (if your book is huge and you need space for dimensional work, just remove some pages).

An old phone book, coloring book, old school books, magazines, anything you can find around your house will work.  The point is to jump in and have some fun.  This is much easier to do when you don’t have a lot of money tied up in the project.

Here’s a challenge for you.  Make an art journal page using only scraps or found objects in a non-traditional art journal book.  Have fun with this challenge and be sure to post your work.  We would love to see what you do!

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