While I Waited

for a friend of our family to get out of surgery and to find out everything was okay, I had to keep busy.  This is what I did:

IMG_0845 (2)

Part of a Media-Mash

I’ve been listening to the Hamilton soundtrack non-stop for a couple of days now.  I find most of it delightful.  There are two songs which are very difficult for me to listen to, so now I skip those.  They are Stay Alive (Reprise) and It’s Quiet Uptown, it’s still to soon following my brother’s death.

One of the songs, Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story is where I got this page idea from.  This also asks other questions: “Who are you and how does your story read?  Is it something you want remembered or would you rather it be forgotten?”

I guess I would want my grandchildren to know who I was and what was important in my life…Not that there’s anything remotely interesting about me, but they might be curious about who I was.  I would have loved to know who my great-grandparents were, what their lives looked like and what their challenges were…But I love history and everything from the past interests me, my kids and grand kids might not give a hoot about it.  Nevertheless, I think I’ll make an effort to write down some of my memories and the stories from my parents and grandparents.  Our family history should be recorded somewhere.  Especially now that I’m the only one left who remembers our childhood adventures.

The mission for this page was to use colors you would not normally use, which I did.  Part way through I knew where I wanted to go with this.  I used scraps and the letters are cut from black gesso-ed recycled chipboard.  The two page spread following this one is about the most important thing in my life:  my faith.  Later pages will deal with other things which add up to me being me.

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