Garden’s In!

And in record time too.  I was planting like a crazy woman!  The skies are about to open up and I wanted the plants to get a good drink.

I also made another batch of gesso.  Unfortunately this batch didn’t turn out as well as others I’ve made.  Hopefully I can save it, otherwise I’ll have to pitch it.  It is really almost unusable as it is now.  When I gesso a page I have to actually sand it down before I can do anything on it.  This is because I did not have my measuring cups down here and just eyeballed everything.

Not a good idea.

Okay-the gesso is fixed.  I just had to much calcium carbonate in it.  I ended up with two bottles and one jar filled with gesso.  I shouldn’t run out any time soon.  I also made a batch of  black gesso, since I had the stuff out anyway.

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