Ikea and Haul!


Art Books from Ollie’s


Storage containers, Washi Tape and drywall mesh


Ikea!  I was in an Ikea today!  Good grief, I could have spent a lot of time in there, but I had a doctor’s appointment so time was limited.  Nevertheless, I purchased these two metal pots which hang from the ceiling.  I plan to have some of my most used supplies in them.  I also bought a Raskog cart.  Everybody seems to have one of those.  There were only three colors, black, cream and rust.  I picked the cream one.

After my appointment we went to Ollie’s where I found several art books, two canvases, some coloring pages I thought would work well in art journals, crayola brush tipped markers-my plan is to empty them and use them as water brushes-drywall mesh for a DIY art supply, and snacks.  Next door was Dollar Tree, so we stopped there.  I found some snap-closure storage boxes, larger than the ones I wanted but they do fit in a larger container with a top.  I’ll be able to fill them, and stack them.  Several rolls of Washi tape, tissue paper and highlighters.

I think that sums up my art related purchases.

So, back to Ikea.  I have never been in a store like it before.  If you don’t know what the deal is, it can be a bit confusing.

But I persevered.

We began in the furniture section, because that was in front of us.  I noticed the papers and pencils all over the place, so I took one, looked it over and knew what I needed to do.  The only frustrating part was the lack of cookie sheets and 9 x 13 baking pans.  Those were two of the important things I needed-ours are shot-and there were none.  At least not the metal ones.  There were some ceramic 9 x 13 casserole dishes, which I did not want. ( I found some really nice ones at Ollie’s, so I bought them there.)

We did discuss furnishing our new house from Ikea.  Did you know you can order an entire KITCHEN from Ikea?  I mean everything-counters, cupboards, appliances, lighting, everything.  And you can stock it too.


I bought a step stool so our fat Chihuahua can get into our bed and several linen towels for the kitchen.  Next time we’ll have more time to look.


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