Haul! Secondhand and H.L.

IMG_0789 (2)

I hit the jack pot today with my dear friend and shopping partner, Laurie!

First, let me explain:

I am working on something which I will be sharing soon.  I needed some things for the project and didn’t have the raw materials to make them .  Laurie and I went to Dollar Tree and I picked up 5 powdered eye shadows and two packages of metalic tissue paper.

Next we went to Goodwill.  I didn’t buy any art related stuff there.

Next we went to the secondhand store which is set up for our local animal shelter.  And I hit the jackpot!

I found a set of The New International Illustrated Encyclopedia of Art.  In it is thousands of pictures of art work, explanations and  descriptions, everything a student of art could want.  24 volumes.  What a find for only 5 bucks!  We found 4 books in foreign languages for my art journals.  One in Hebrew, one in German and two in Spanish.  A bag of wooden spools, Dr. Seuss foam stamps, and 5 stencils.  There is a bag of smaller items over there which I didn’t realize wasn’t included in the picture.  Not sure what’s in that bag… (Oh, and a killer pair of boots for 3 bucks!)

On to Hobby Lobby.  Here I bought quite a few things, but managed to find what I needed at the lowest possible price.  I bought 5 bottles of Folk Art metallic paints, a gears stencil, tissue paper with french written all over it, and finally, after tremendous effort I might add, double sided tape.  They just remodeled our Hobby Lobby and you can’t find anything.  There were a couple things on my list Hobby Lobby didn’t have-so I will be improvising them.

All this, plus a purse and a Star Wars helmet for Anthony, for under $50 bucks.




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