Manila Folder Mini-Album

Here is a link to a simple tutorial for a file folder mini-album.  I thought this was a great idea.  You can use the scraps you have left over from other file folder projects to make the tags that go in this cute Mini Album.  The tags used here measure 4 3/4″ by 2 3/8th”.

You can use your mini-album in any way you choose.  It would work well as a memorabilia album from any event in your life.  Plenty of pockets and places for programs, brochures, ticket stubs, etc.  Or for a kids art project or gift.  As art journals, techniques journals or a scrapbook.  They are adorable and so simple to make!

Cut a file folder in half at the fold.  Set one aside for now.  You will get two signatures from one file folder.

Fold one in half, width wise.  Now fold the lower half of the two pieces in half again.  I used my bone folder to make sure the creases were well done. This gives you a “mountain” as the bottom half of the file folder.  Add a very thing strip of double sided tape to the bottom inside edge of the outer folded 1/4th section.  Attach to the piece behind it.  You now have a tube 1/4 the size of your file folder, open on both ends.

Now attach the backside of the tube to the larger back part.  Use thin double sided tape and place it only on the ends, leaving the top open for use as another pocket. Fold the whole thing in half, making a booklet (signature) with two pages, each with a pocket and the tube opening for tags or whatever.

You can attach the mini-album together like we did with the other small journal.   Back page of one signature attached to the front of the next one.  Or you can book bind it to covers.  Here’s how to do that:

Measure the width of your stacked signatures.  I like to add some space between mine giving room for lumpy embellishments.  Measure the height and width of your signatures and add 1/4 inch all the way around.

To make the cover I like to use “chipboard” (an old cereal box).  Release the glued tab found on the inside of the cereal box and lay it flat.  The small center piece makes the spine of your book.  (If you need more space for your spine, measure the chipboard piece to size and score where needed.)  Once measured, cut it out.  Add your holes to the spine (the same as those in your signatures) and stitch the book together.  If you want you can decorate the cover any way you choose.  I would do that before I added the signatures.

For a journal this size I would only use three holes to attach the signatures to the cover.  Using a pokey tool pierce both the signatures and the spine of the cover to match each other.  If you have 5 signatures, you will have five vertical lines of holes on your spine.  The holes must line up with the holes in the signatures.

Thread a stout needle with embroidery floss, yarn, waxed book binding thread, dental floss, whatever you have.

With your first signature, start with the middle hole.  I would go into the signature from the outside of the spine, leaving a couple of inches of thread hanging out.  Go back up through the bottom hole, keeping the thread tight.  Go Back down in the middle hole and come back the top hole.  Repeat.  Then knot in the middle.  You can add beads or embellishments to the tails of the threads, let them hang or just cut them off.  If you prefer, you can start at the top hole of your signatures/cover and go from there.  I have often left long tails of thread or floss there and added beads to them.  This makes a lovely embellishment or you can flip it over to the inside of the book and use it as a book mark.

Easy mini-album, very inexpensive to make and fun to decorate.  It took about 15 minutes to pull one together.

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