DIY Metallic Paints

I found I have been using these DIY  “twinkling H2o’s” on each of my art journal pages lately and I thought I would share how to make them with you.  This is, of course, from a tutorial by Lindsay, the Frugal Crafter.  She ROCKS!  Please check out her channel and subscribe.  She’s amazing.

Here’s what you need and how to make these delightful little pots of shimmering goodness:

Eye shadow- first ingredient should be Mica, this is importantI use the loose powder LA Eye shadows from Dollar Tree.  If you don’t have access to loose powder eye shadow, buy the pressed eye shadows and smash them up into a powder.

Small containers with covers- again, I found these at Dollar Tree

Gum Arabic

There is a lot of powder in the LA Eye Shimmering Loose Eye Shadows, I was able to fill my small containers and had some left over of each color which I put in a second container.  I am working out of the second containers, which are only partially filled, and have been since I made these.  There is still a huge amount of product left in there-which means they will last a long time.

Gum Arabic is a binder and something required for this project.  You can buy it at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s-Use Your Coupon!-but I recommend you order it on line.  It is less expensive this way if you’re able to qualify for free shipping, which I always do.

Here’s what you do:

Remove the soft plastic bottom from the eye shadow container.  Be careful, this can get really messy.  Place powder on a ceramic tile or plate.  Add gum arabic and mix with a palette knife.  You want a frosting consistency.  Keep adding gum arabic as needed until it’s thick enough and well blended.

With your palette knife, scrape the product off the tile and into the container.  Leave the lid off the container until the stuff is dried completely.  You don’t want mold to develop with wet stuff sealed in an airtight container.  This means you need to let the material dry between uses as well.

That’s it.  Perfectly delightful shimmer for your art at very little cost.  You can make shimmer paints as well, just combine with gloss Mod Podge.  You want to make the paints up as needed.  They cannot be stored.


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